Sunday, December 31, 2017

How to style a white dress for New Year Dinner

Hello everyone; just a few hours to the new year; can you believe it? I promised to show a couple New Year looks on the blog and this is just a quick post here. I know we are all busy trying to put in the last preparation for new year dinners, parties and family gatherings. it is definitely a good time to reflect and give thanks to God almighty for all He has done and giving thanks mean thanking God for everything; both good and bad knowing that all things work together for good to them that love God, who live according to his purpose. (Romans 8: 28)

Now unto this look; I am wearing a white "faux-two-piece" embellished dress. Yes, the

Friday, December 29, 2017

How to look glam in ten minutes for New Year's Party

So, just a quick post here; happy new year everyone 😙 While we are all getting ready for the new year and spending time with our loved ones, we shouldn't forget that it's easy to get carried away and start to splurge on new clothing and accessories that become big regrets later. This blog is all about saving money and this post is on how to get ready quickly for that new year dinner by re-styling and wearing clothes that are already in our closet.

For this look, I wore my sequin dress that I got as a gift from hubby a couple of years ago and re-styled it as a top for my pencil midi skirt. The dress would have been too short to wear on its own anyway and I remember I had worn tights underneath with thigh high boots for a different holiday party a couple of years ago. I added my sparkly drop earrings from Jcrew, a sparkly clutch from TJ Maxx, a pair black of stockings from Loft and a pair

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Green Velvet mini dress

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas celebration. Mine was very beautiful; great time spent with family. My family means so much to me and I'm grateful to God for bestowing his blessings on me. My little boy turned four on Christmas day too and it was a double celebration in my home. I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas celebration and that you understand that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. I am thank-ful for everyone that has been reading this blog all these years and I say

Friday, December 22, 2017

Orange color velvet blazer + black trouser Jeans


So, the holidays; Christmas and New Year are getting close than ever and it has been snowing hard in Minnesota. It's been very cold too and I must admit that the weather has sapped off any fashion sense in me. All I have been wearing the last few days is black, black, black 😆 ....*boring* I did manage to add some color to my all-black outfit I wore the other day by putting on my orange color velvet blazer; an old piece from my closet. I wore a graphic tee underneath with the inscription; "Beauty for Ashes" and if you don't know, that is a quote from the Bible talking about the awesomeness of God in the book of Isaiah 61 verse 3. These tees are designed by an amazing young entrepreneur and beautiful lady; owner of Wear your Praise 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas Holiday Gift Guide


Merry Christmas and happy holiday everyone. If you still have some last minute shopping to do or you are still contemplating what to give the special lady in your life; your Friend, Mother, daughter, you might find this post useful. Personally, I love to give out gift cards to friends and other loved ones who are not within my immediate family circle just because it makes things a little easier for me. And if I really, really, have to give gifts, my best places to shop for cute and affordable holiday gifts are; Victorias Secret, bath and body works, pottery barn, home goods and Jcrew.
The selections below are still available at the stores and do not forget that it is the thought that counts not the gift and remember always that Jesus is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas.




Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Black Velvet Pant Suit

So, did I mention that I "looove" this velvet tend? I just can't get enough of it and to tell you the truth, I was a little ahead of this trend mostly in velvet blazers. I have up to six velvet blazers in different colors that I collected over the years and now that the trend is everywhere, it was just natural to shop my closet. This black velvet  pant suit is also an old purchase from  about two years ago. To make it a holiday look, I paired it with this black trimmed-white button down blouse, and sparkly accessories. To further amp up the holiday look, I tied a small scarf with red and brown prints around my neck. A very simple holiday look. If you want to splurge on a similar style, you can check out the shopping links below.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How to style: Holiday Outfit inspiration.

                                                  Velvet and Sequins

For me, the holiday fashion this year is all about velvet and sequins. When you pair these two textures together, you get the perfect holiday outfit. If you are still on the fence trying to make up your mind on what outfit to wear to that holiday party, then check out theses collages. The green velvet blazer and sequin pants in the first collage above with sparkly pumps to match is a real show stopper but if you do not plan on stealing the show and just want to be regarded as one of the best dressed guests at the

Monday, December 18, 2017

Plaid blazer and Velvet Maxi dress holiday look

Hi everyone, happy Sunday. So, this outfit is what I wore to church yesterday; a purple maxi velvet dress and a plaid jacket totally on trend but inexpensive. Since this is the season of sharing and giving, we should not forget to shop and spend our money wisely. In the spirit of the season, I decided to style this holiday look by shopping my whole look from a place that is usually ignored by most people in the community. I went to Arc's Value Village Thrift Store in my neighborhood and shopped this whole look excluding the plaid blazer which I have had for years. The thrift store which is very clean and organized with stylists on board to help you get the best shopping experience (if you choose to book them) has been serving the twin cities for over 35 years and their profits which they get from donation, shoppers and volunteers go towards helping people with intellectual and physical disabilities. You can read more about it here.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Winter casual styling inspiration:

                                                Statement coat and Denim
                                               How to Style... 

It is time to bundle up Friends; old man winter is here in full blast. It's very chilly in the twin cities today (Minneapolis-Saint Paul) and it's been snowing a lot. I figured it was time to put together some casual style inspiration on the blog and since I live in a very cold state, I always emphasize the importance of having a good quality warm coat that is not only warm and cozy but also very chic. The coat I would recommend is the camel coat. It is classy and elegant and can be dressed up and down. You can find them in various price points but a quality camel coat that is both stylish and cozy would cost a lot more. The best time to shop for them

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sweater dress and plaid coat

Well, plaid blazers and coats have been trending since Fall and that is not to say that it is a new trend. This print; check, plaid has been around for ages. I recently went through my closet and brought out all my plaid pieces and that is how this outfit came about. I have had this plaid  coat for a long time and also the sweater dress which is an old purchase from Victoria's Secret. Sweater dresses are definitely Fall essentials and so is the color grey and

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Pink coat + floral flats

Hi everyone 😁 The year is quickly coming to an end; can you believe it? We made it this far and we will make it across to 2018 in Jesus name; Amen! I designed this sweatshirt I paired with my jean off of the Custom ink website years ago and the graphics on the sweat shirt reads; "My God is super cool." At that time, there were not lots of inspirational/graphic tees around but right now, they are everywhere and if you are someone like me who loves graphic tees for casual wear, you would celebrate the classic graphic tee because it is just timeless and it is a trend that you can wear

Monday, December 11, 2017

Work Wear: Grey color Winter Style


So, I wore this grey color boucle coat and grey pants recently just because grey is a color that is right for Winter. Wear grey colors in a monochrome style, mix it up with burgundy or black or mix it up with prints like gingham or houndstooth; however you mix it, it just comes out right. I paired my grey pants with a white long sleeve top to break up the monochromatic effect when I added the dark grey boucle coat. My dark green velvet block heels

Friday, December 8, 2017

How to style a Statement Coat:


Hello, I hope you are keeping warm. This post is on how to style a statement coat for winter and the tip I usually use is to keep everything else neutral or simple and let the coat stand out on its own. A coat is a statement coat when it has an overwhelming design, details or color. This green trench coat is such and another cool thing about it is that it has an attached floral light jacket extra lining which comes off and can be worn on its own. The coat is heavy but warm and cozy at the same time. I got it from a high end thrift store/consignment store in my city years ago. And I tell you, if you live in a cold region like I do and are looking to get great coats on a budget, just check out

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Accessories: All things sparkly

                                                                  Vintage Clutch

The season to be sparkly and merry is around the corner and as we get ready for the holidays we should remember that it is all about giving. And giving does not mean just giving physical gifts alone; it also means donating money to charitable organizations like Red Cross and Salvation Army and volunteering at community centers or thrift/charity stores that give back to the community. I love to seek out the red kettles during the holiday season to donate some money and I also love to shop at thrift/charity stores. This colorful, beaded vintage clutch is one of my recent thrift fashion finds...

Monday, December 4, 2017

Sleeveless Coat + Denim

Hello everyone 😆 I hope you have fully transitioned from Fall to Winter. It's not snowing over here yet and the weather has actually been very beautiful with just occasional chilly mornings. I'm glad I do not have to get out my heavy coats just yet. So, it was on one of such cold mornings last week that I put on this sleeveless coat I have had for years. It is such a great pop of color. I paired it with a black color cable knit sweater and a pair of dark blue denim trouser and ankle boots. Cable knit sweaters are a little heavier and more cozy than regular sweaters and are great for the winter months; paired with the sleeveless coat, I felt very warm and cozy. This look is great for casual Fridays in the winter time and totally cool when you can do different color variants of it; like camel color sleeveless coat, light wash denim and white top like I styled here in this Post.

Friday, December 1, 2017

How to style an "All-black" Outfit

So, when is the best time to wear an "all-black' outfit if not now; in the winter? The snow might not have come down yet but the cold has crept in and the layered outfits have started to come out of the closet. My faux-fur leather skirt is from Loft, my  turtle neck sweater is so old that I do not even remember what store I got it from, over the knee boots are an old purchase from the Altuzarra and Target collaboration from three years ago. My bracelet is thrifted and my faux-fur vest is an old purchase from Forever 21. Phew! 😅 Can you remember all the items I just listed? Yes! that is the key or tip to styling an all black look; you just throw all the textures together; leather,

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The perfect grey dress to wear this Fall

Hello Friends 😁 do you love fall fashion? what about fall colors; all the greys, burgundy, orange, teal and earth tones? Although it is okay to wear prints during the fall season, I must say the solid colors or monochrome looks are just so perfect for fall. Grey is one of my favorite colors to wear this season and that is one reason amongst others while I picked this eshakti dress to wear

Monday, November 27, 2017

Out of the box style: Blue gingham Skirt


I have no idea what I was thinking when I came up with the title of this post. All I know is that I'm talking about the skirt as being something different from the regular. As we know, "gingham prints" has been trending for a while but we will have to admit that the classic white and black gingham prints is the most common, This is why I was delighted to find this cobalt blue gingham prints at Target. It sold out pretty fast too. The only con about the skirt is that the fabric is really, really light. I wish the fabric was a little bit more durable and thick then, it would just be perfect, I'm aware that this color is common in pajamas and I even saw pillows online in this dark blue color but hey! it is gingham; the fabric is supposed to be table cloth for picnic tables anyway

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Red Sweat shirt + Red trouser = LOVE

How is everyone doing? 'just a quick post here. I know we are all trying to get our thanksgiving turkey ready 😆 What is the outfit you would wear at this time of the year to run errands as you shop for the holidays? If you have been following my casual style on the blog then you would know by now that for me, casual style means a graphic tee or in this case graphic sweatshirt. I got this in this red color and also in black last summer and it is supposed to be an off-the-shoulder sweat shirt but I got it in a smaller size so as to get a different fit. I paired the sweat shirt with my red wide leg pants for a monochrome look. I must say here that I did not go shopping with four-inch heels boots. I wore flats to go shopping and just wore this boots for the photo shoot. Haha! full disclaimer...😜 I love

Monday, November 20, 2017

Brown tweed skirt + geen sweater

Hello, happy Monday. It is brown tweed A-line skirt and sweater for work wear Monday today. The weather is cold but not "heavy-jacket" cold so, I could get away with just the heavy fabric sweater and tweed skirt. Tweed, especially heavy tweed like the one this skirt is made of is a "cold-weather' fabric and it would really be odd for anyone to wear a skirt of this fabric in the

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Restyling my favorite green dress

Hi everyone, happy Sunday 😁 It's such a beautiful day today because we are enjoying very gorgeous weather here in the twin cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) and I had a very awesome time in church. Usually, at this time of the year, there would be tons of snow around and it would be sub zero temperatures. Presently, it is cold but not that bad.This outfit is what I wore to church today. I restyled my green eshakti dress by layering a black sparkly/metallic turtleneck sweater over it with a statement neck piece and "scrunchy" over the knee boots.  This method of restyling your dress as a skirt is well

Friday, November 17, 2017

The trendy fabric of the Season

It is smooth, it is rich, it looks creamy, it is velor, it is velvet. However, you want to describe this fabric or however you want to style it, you would definitely find one in your budget because it is the trendy fabric of the season. Velvet has been around for ages and has been going in and out of trend for a long time. This season, you can find a lot of velvet pleated skirts; a style that has been trending since last summer, now revamped in this trendy

Monday, November 13, 2017

Work Style: Plaid blazer + red Pants

Hi everyone, just a quick post here; I'm wearing one of my plaid blazers; you really have to squint to really see the plaid print on this particular blazer because the plaid print is not as bold as the current trending plaid. This is one of my thrifted collection of blazers from over the years. Thrifting is a hobby I engage in every once in a while and as a result, I have so many blazers in several colors and patterns, dry cleaned and ready to be styled in my closet. This is why I say you do not have to spend tons on money in achieving a great style. A blazer is a basic that can be paired with most basics in our closet; dresses, denim, skirts.... For this look, I paired a pair of red color pants with this plaid blazer and a white tee and tan pumps completed the look.

My focus is not on this outfit though. I am thinking of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone x release last month and I'm eagerly waiting to have mine. I have had this iPhone 6 for a while and it's not doing it's best function anymore. By the way, All of the pictures on this blog for the past three years are iPhone 6 pictures taken by my young kids and though

Friday, November 10, 2017

How to style a sweater for Fall

Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying fall as much as I do. I must say after spring, fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the fashion and the moderate weather temperature at this time of the year. As we all know, sweaters are also very suitable for this temperature. My styling tip for styling fall sweaters? Just stock up on very unusual colors  and you will stand out from the bunch. The typical fall colors for this season, are; orange, burgundy, grey, brown, teal

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Shoe Lovin' - Fall themed Pump

I "looveee" pumps! Pumps are just the best thing ever to happen to women in my opinion when it comes to Fashion. I do love sandals, mules and slides too but my love for pumps is deep! 😇 This is why I put up this post "Shoe Loving" every once in a while to showcase any new affordable pump or style that caught my eye in the season. I try to modify this post every now and then to include sandals and mules and I would continue to include more styles in the future.

Having said that, I saw this beautiful pair  of pumps recently on line and I just fell in love with the contrasting colors that pays a huge homage to the Fall season. It definitely looks like a dupe of thhigher end Gianvito Rossi Pumps here and though I haven't

Monday, November 6, 2017

Velvet blazer + Floral Pumps

Happy Monday everyone; I hope the new week is going great. I'm just going to do a quick post on what I wore to Church yesterday; this burgundy color velvet blazer paired with black tie-neck blouse and black denim trouser. Yeah, this pants are really denim and very, very comfy and I like them a lot because they can pass for dress pants. The blazer does have a lot of fashion roles to play in this outfit. First of all, it adds a pop of color to the outfit, secondly

Friday, November 3, 2017

White sweater + Grey Pants

The old Fashion rule says "do not wear white color clothing after Memorial day holiday" but no one adheres to that anymore. You can wear white whenever you want even in the snow. While it has not snowed yet in my city, it certainly has been cold and all my sweaters are out but the heavy, long coats are still hanging pretty in the closet; not time for those yet. So, I wore this outfit a few days ago; white cowl neck sweater over grey

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How to style: Plaid Skirts for work.

                                                               Plaid Skirt
                                        Styling inspiration...


So, while plaid blazers have been trending for a while now, I am thinking of plaid skirts and have been on the hunt for one. The plaid skirts I have seen so far online always look more like gingham prints than plaid and so I decided to include one in this styling post. The first look above with the blue plaid skirt is a summery look because it was paired with a white sleeveless blouse and a pair of chic Pumps. The second set below is styled for Fall because of the darker colors and the chic sock boots. The secret or tip for styling plaid skirts is to keep every other clothing item like the top, blouse and accessories simple. Happy styling.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fall Color-block Style

Happy Saturday everyone; I'm so excited today; just a couple days to my birthday. I am really grateful to God for his blessings on my life. My life is not perfect, I don't have everything I think I need or want but I am grateful. I am thankful for life and I am happy in life. God's word says; "in every thing, give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." (I Thessalonians 5:18) I am very thankful for this blog and I appreciate the fact that it's my safe space where I can share whatever I want to share. Here, I am able to talk about the three things I love and am passionate about; Faith, Family and Fashion.
Now unto this outfit; I decided to style a color-block look with Fall basic essentials; a sweater, denim or in this case, corduroy pants, a hat and a pair of boots. It's Saturday and the best outfit to chill or run errands in are the basics. I'm loving blue as a Fall color this season because the hue creates an unexpected pop of color to the usual earthly tones and shades around. The best way in making this color work is by incorporating it into your item through one piece; a hat, a sweater, a bag or if you are more daring; your shoes. The recent trend I have been seeing is the "blue velvet boots." It is very chic and edgy when paired with dresses and pleated

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Red oversized sweater and Plaid Pants

I have a couple of plaid prints pieces in my closet that are a different twist to the current bold plaid prints that is trending right now. It is "tiny-teenie" plaid prints that you have to quint to see. I believe if I had a better camera, you would be able to see what I mean through the pictures. This is a subtle way of doing a trend if you do not want to be that obvious. For example, if you work in a conservative or very formal work place and you want to wear trending fashion to work, this is the best way to do it. Go for a simple nod to the trendy as opposed to being very obvert. The best color to pair with this color of plaid prints is red. They just go together nicely. For this look, I wore

Monday, October 23, 2017

Wearing a Summer dress in the Fall

So, my opinion is that, if you have a favorite dress or outfit, you should be able to wear it at any time of the year if you choose to but you have to tweak it here and there. Granted, Fashion can be restrictive to seasons especially if you live in the United States and some other parts of the world where you have clearly defined seasons. Therefore, it would be odd to wear summer shorts in the Fall or winter. Having said that, there are some pieces that can clearly work for all or most of the seasons and one of such is this my floral pink/lilac dress. It is one of my favorite dresses and I wear it a lot during the summer season and I have blogged about it before here. What I did to wear this dress again in the Fall was to change the accessories. In the summer,

Friday, October 20, 2017

Black sweater + Culottes for Fall

So, one of my favorite pairings in the cold season is grey and black colors and another favorite habit of mine is to re-style my summer pieces in the fall as seen in my previous post. All I do to make it appropriate for the new season is to switch up the accessories. When I wore this culottes previously in the warmer months, I wore a pair of black pumps with it and a light weight top or sweater depending on the weather conditions. For Fall, I just switched the pumps out for a pair of ankle boots. The fabric of this culottes is really light and so it is appropriate for Summer and Fall but I can still make it work for winter by wearing knee high

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to Style: Plaid Prints

While we are still on the current "Plaid" trend, this post here is to give some styling inspiration on how to incorporate this trend to work wear and also to cute casual wear which I choose to call "play" in this post. It is not just okay to wear a trend because everyone is wearing it. You have to stand out in whatever you wear, not look like everyone else as if you attend a uniform boarding school. To get started, consider the following points.

  • First of all, get your (plaid) items in affordable but good quality styles: It's a "trend" and "trends" come and go. You do not want to splurge on a trend that you would be embarrassed to wear when it is no longer in season. There are so many stores like Asos, H&M, Zara, JCrew, Miss Selfridge, Loft, Ann Taylor...that would roll out the current runway trends for more affordable price without losing the quality of their brand.

  • Secondly, separate your items or clothing piece for work and play: If you take a look at the plaid (and sometimes gingham) clothing pieces out there in the stores, you would realize that not all of them are work appropriate and vice versa. That cute off the shoulder top or ruffled top and skirt might be more appropriate for a casual outing than to work. So, make sure you are able to separate your plaid pieces like that. And if you purchase a piece that you think you can style for work and play, surely, the accessories would be different for both occasion. So, separate the shoes and accessories you intend to use for the separate styling.

When you are done with the two tips above, you definitely would be ready to own your style. And if you are still in doubt on how to separate your plaid for work and play, just use this simple tip; "Keep the light and happy colors for

Monday, October 16, 2017

Plaid Paper bag Pants + a Sweater


Happy Monday Friends 😙 So, this is just a quick work wear post of one of my favorite colors to wear in the Fall; grey. This time, I decided to style the color in two of the season's trends; plaid prints and paper-bag pants. I always like it when I can fit two trends seamlessly into an outfit effortlessly. When done right, it gives a very clean and polished look. If you get the styling wrong, there is that perception that you are trying too hard or as some would call it, you are a "trend...wh--e" or "label...wh--e;" without spelling out the whole word. The trick to achieving this look (two-trends-in-one) starts right from when you do your shopping. Always look out for that piece that can serve multiple functions or that accessory that can be styled in different ways. When you get that one piece

Friday, October 13, 2017

How to style a little black dress for Fall + red box bag

 Happy Friday everyone 😆 I hope you are all doing great. This is a quick post to show this outfit I wore to Church last Sunday. This is actually a sleeveless turtle neck dress that I have had for years and it looks quite good worn by itself on a warmer day but the weather was a little chilly so I decided to layer a dress underneath the black turtle neck dress. Also, because the weather was bearable, I went bare on the legs without stockings and I had on a long coat too (not pictured) which I took off when it got warmer. So, do not abandon that little black dress in the closet in the Fall especially when it is simple and tailored like this one; an old Zara piece.

Today is Friday the 13th and I know there is so much superstition surrounding this date but I do not pay attention to all that negativity surrounding a particular date or day of the week. I am a Christian, born again, saved and blessed and no date or day determines my life. AMEN! Christ has already

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fun with Plaids - Casual Style

Hi Friends; I hope you are not tired of the plaid trend yet because for me, it just started. I really love the trend and I would be doing more outfit collage sets on here. Today's post is on how to style the plaid blazer for casual wear. The set above features the plaid blazer paired with a pair of pink pants and a pair of sneakers. The red cross body bag adds a pop of color to the outfit. The second set below features a more dressed up casual look. The paid blazer is paired with a white button down shirt, a statement necklace and a pair of tan color high heeled pumps and a statement bag. What do you think

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tie waist Pants + mint color Pumps

 Hi there, just a quick post here on what I wore recently; a short sleeved turtle neck top over waist-tie pants.  I purchased the pants from LOFT a few weeks ago during their one-week sale and it was the color of the pants that really drew me in. This is my second olive color or khaki pants and I might go for a third if I find one in a style I like just like this one. Short sleeve turtle neck tops are not so common in the stores and I do not even remember what store I got this from because I have had it for a long time. if you can't get an affordable one to buy, you can always do a "DIY." Just cut off the

Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer Top + Summer Accessories


     Nothing says Summer more than bright colors and lemonade. I fell in love with this one shoulder top when I first saw it on Loft's Website and my only disappointment was that it was one shouldered because I really do not like to expose my shoulders and arm that often. I found a solution to styling this top by wearing a nude color sleeveless top underneath. A straw bag and white sandals completed the look. This lemonade print top is part of a Loft Collection that features a matching pair of shorts for this top and a very beautiful summer dress with the same print. I hope the summer is going great so far. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Blouse     Bag    Sandals

Friday, June 16, 2017

Camel Coat + Denim

     Hi everyone, I hope we are all doing great. So, it's Friday, woot! woot!! This outfit is what I wore a few weeks ago. The weather was nice and beautiful and I was glad I did not have to wear a heavy jacket. I got out my sleeveless coat instead which I purchased from The House of Fraser UK. It was my first time shopping from the store and I really liked the price and quality of the sleeveless coat. I have since made a couple of other purchases from them. I paired the coat with a white top, denim, and mixed animal prints accessories which was very intentional. I had debated

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Blue off-the-shoulder-top + denim

Hello Friends; another quick post here on how I styled my yellow fringe sandals. Blue and yellow complement each other nicely and when you add white to the mix, it is even better. I loved this cobalt blue top when I saw it online because of the color and style and since it was very affordable, I ordered it. It took forever to get to me all the way from China and at a time I gave up on the order vowing not to ever make any purchase from any overseas store based in China. The top eventually got to me in good condition and

Monday, June 12, 2017

Smmer Dress + Fringe Sandals

Hi friends; happy Monday. This is post is on pictures that have been in my archive for a long time; possibly from last summer and I totally forgot to blog about them. Usually when I'm going out somewhere, I hand my phone to the kids and have them take a couple pics before we get in the car and most of the time, I just forget about the pictures. I recently did some house cleaning on my blog folders and found lots of old pictures. What a great fashion blogger I am 😂 There are

Friday, June 9, 2017

Green linen dress + a scarf

Hi friends; how is everyone doing? This is just a quick post here where I wore very old items from my closet or as people would say; shopped my closet. I purchased this lime green linen dress from TJMaxx a long time ago. I really love the beautiful color. The only downside is that it wrinkles really easily and as much as I love the beautiful color and simplicity of the dress;

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Yellow Pants + PomPom Sandals

Hi Friends, this might just be the shortest blog post I ever wrote because this outfit is very simple just the way I like it. I am wearing sun-shiny yellow pants to celebrate summer. I paired it with a "body-suit-button-down white shirt." I purchased the shirt from Victoriassecret clothing shop a while back and loved it so much that I got it in three colors. The "body-suit-button-down shirt" definitely makes it easy to tuck in shirts

Monday, June 5, 2017

Shoe 'Loving - Pink Mules




Mules are such a huge trend this summer and the bolder or brighter the color, the more beautiful and stylish it is. I love this deep pink pair from Asos It would definitely add a pop of color to any denim outfit and generally elevate any casual style. Mules come in different designs and heel height

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Denim Shirtdress + Pom-Pom Sandals

Hi Friends; this is another look on how I do I do casual style; aside from graphic tees and jeans, I totally love denim dresses or in this case, chambray dress. I purchased this from Boohoo a long time back and I love that is very comfy and simple. My only problem with the dress is that it wrinkles really easily and I don't like that. I paired the dress with this bucket bag I purchased from Ann Taylor a few summers ago
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