Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fall Fashion Essentials: The blazer and ankle boots

We can't talk about fall fashion without listing all the closet essentials that not only keep us warm and comfy but are also good transition pieces as we get ready for the winter. My essential items for fall transition weather is a well structured blazer and a good pair of ankle boots. The blazer is an absolute must in everyone's closet; guys or ladies alike. You can layer it over any clothing all year round and if do not own a blazer before now, you can start by buying a black color or any neutral good quality blazer that can go with most colors in your closet. Another closet essential is the ankle boots. You can pair it with dresses, denim, dress pants and skirts and the versatility in styling is just endless. I must say that the ankle boots is more versatile than the knee or thigh boots because the later is not as versatile. The knee or thigh high boots would not pair with as much clothing items as the ankle boots in my opinion.
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