Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Fashion Find: Swan Cloud Maxi Skirt at Chicwish

"Fashion Find" is a new feature or post on the blog that highlights any fashion piece that is outstanding or makes a statement just like this tiered maxi skirt above. This segment would only highlight clothing pieces and bags and jewelry or any other item related to fashion with the exception of shoes. All shoe posts will continue to be highlighted in the "Shoe Loving" posts like this one here and here and here and here; So back to this beautiful piece from Chicwish. It is a gorgeous skirt, hand made from layers of soft lace and tulle. It looks very delicate and stunning and would look great for any special occasion like wedding, bridal shower, birthday celebrations and special holidays like Easter and Christmas. The only con in wearing this piece is that you have to ensure you are not upstaging the celebrant/host of the event or special occasion you have been invited to and the style is not totally new, It has been around for a while now. The skirt comes in four colors; grey, pink, cream and lilac and you can check them  out here.

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