Sunday, July 3, 2022

July 4th Outfit Inspiration: Straw bag + Espadrilles


           July 4th celebration involves barbeques and picnics and time spent on the beach or just outdoors and usually in holiday themed outfit. These collages here provide last minute outfit ideas if you are still on the fence on what to put together. They are blue and white outfits sans the red. 

You can add the red color piece to the collage by switching out accessories. For example, you can attach a red scarf to the straw bag instead of the blue scarf or you could add a pair of red earrings. A little bit of red would keep the whole outfit classy and on theme rather than wearing too much red and looking like a tomatoe and of course if that is how you choose to dress up for the holiday, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Happy viewing, happy styling.

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