Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fashion Office

Hi Fashionistas, it's a different kind of post on the blog  today and the topic of discussion is; "the fashion Office;" do you have one?  Does your home office have a theme? does it look like a creative space? does it reflect its function? Since this is a Fashion blog, the emphasis is going to be on the Fashion Office. If you are a fashion blogger, a designer, a fashion editor or just someone who works in the Fashion industry either as a hobby or as aa career, you need to have an office with a Fashion theme to keep the creative juices flowing.


If do not have a room dedicated as an office in your home, you can have a creative corner for a start and the key is to use that space consistently as an inspiration for creativity. To create a fashion theme in your office, you need to have props and objects that inspire you and related to your kind of creativity.  Below is a list (not exhaustive) of things you can have in your office aside from the regular beautiful furniture and a computer or laptop.

  • Beautiful throw pillows and blankets
  • Beautiful flower vases (natural or silk)
  • Picture frames of pictures, dresses or scenes that inspire you
  • A mannequin or Dress form
  • A full length Mirror
  • A clothes rack
  • A shoes rack

Do you have a Fashion Office that has a theme and reflects your creativity and personality? What are your thoughts on having a themed Office?


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