Saturday, March 28, 2020

Target Jewelry Sale

             s we all know, Summer is around the corner; and there are end of season sales going on in the stores. If you are looking to update one or two pieces in your wardrobe, now is the time to do that. Target is having a Jewelry sale presently and these are some of my picks; very simple but unique pieces that would add some color to your outfit or elevate the style. If you are hypoallergenic though, you would not find this post useful but if you are can wear any metals without any care in the world, you can take a look at my selections below.

                                        One TwoThreeFourFiveSix

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Lavender Monochrome: Adjusting our lives to our new normal

           𐐑It's so obvious that life as we know it is definitely going to be different after this Covid19 Pandemic. The world we used to know changed very quickly right in front of our eyes. I pray that our lives return to normal as much as possible when this whole pandemic is over; that we are able to hold hands and hug our family and friends as before; be able to gather together to worship and celebrate and other wonderful things we are missing out on right now. However, I would hope that we keep doing some things we are doing presently even when the pandemic is over; like, keeping our hygiene up (washing our hands frequently) and continuously being aware of our environment with the hope of keeping everything clean and sanitized. Also, I would hope that we cut down on our frivolous waste and concentrate on things that are important. 

                                                                    Pants              Boots              Pouch Bag            

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Adding some color to my style: Teal + Grey and daily Meditation/Affirmation

                 pring is here at last and it's time to roll out the colors. And speaking of which; I'm going to roll out the colors this year! In this post, I'm wearing a casual look where I paired a grey cowl neck ribbed sweater with charcoal grey denim. I finished off the look with a teal color coat, black pair of ankle boots and my old Ann Taylor bucket bag. I wore this outfit and similar variations of it a lot this winter; a sweater, denim and boots to attend my son's basket's ball games. The coat is an old purchase from Macys. I love the color and puffy sleeve detail which is so in trend right now. The addition of color to an outfit definitely uplifts the mood especially now that the weather is starting to warm up and we have the cloudy days behind us. Beautiful sunny weather calls for beautiful bright colors.

                                                Coat               Sweater          Bag

Monday, March 23, 2020

Long Brown Coat + Brown Accessories and How to stay happy while social distancing

             Ħappy Monday Friends. It's another week, another Monday and where do I even begin? The world is at a different place and history is happening right in front of our eyes; very bad history. The Coronavirus Pandemic is like a Hollywood horror movie happening right before our eyes. There would have been so much excitement about spring right now and everyone trying to enjoy the outdoors because we all have been hibernating in the winter time but we cannot do that; we cannot run around outdoors enjoying the warmer weather. Everyone has to do some social distancing at this time to stop the spread of  this virus and flatten the curve and with this, I say happy Monday again.

                                                                      Coat        Tee       Bag

Friday, March 20, 2020

All black Outfit + Combat boots and reminding us of God's special Love

              n all black outfit is the easiest to put together; just pull textures in different fabrics like leather, lace or knits like I did here in a previous post or put on an all black outfit and accessorize with fun accessories like I did here in this post. You won't believe it guys, I wore this outfit to Church on a Sunday! 😀 I was surprised myself too!! If you know me, I like to dress up real girlie for Church with stiletto pumps and all that on Sundays but I don't mind a casual look for the Wednesday, mid-week services. So, on this particular Sunday, I wanted to wear a different look; the snow was starting to melt and everywhere outdoors was all wet and slushy so I decided to wear my new pair of combat boots blogged about here.

                                                           Blazer           Bag        Belt

Gingham Coat + all black Outfit

                     have had this long gingham coat for a number of years now and it is one of my favorites. The coat is very trendy, chic and comfortable to wear. It is also a consignment store purchase that I scored for less than $50. A similar coat at high end stores is worth over $500 dollars. It is 100 % wool and the quality is impeccable! I think I ought to start selling fashion on Poshmark by now because I definitely know how to find treasures at the pre-loved stores. For this look, I paired the coat with another all black look just like my previous post. I completed the look with a clear bag with chain hardware to add more texture to the look and a pair of Marc Fisher combat boots which I thrifted a couple of months ago to test out the combat boot trend before I purchased this new pair. Check out the thrift haul on my Instagram Highlights here. And you can see this coat previously styled here and here. I hope everyone is complying with all the guidelines concerning the Covid 19 pandemic. Let's unite to fight this common enemy. Thank you so much for reading.


                                                    Coat      Ciear Bag       Boots

2020 Fashion Trend: Colored Leather

          eather is a huge trend this season, especially colored leather and I am loving the trend! If you are into the trend too, this post is for you. This cameo color puffy sleeve dress, available here and here is suitable for spring with a pair of black leggings or tights. This look is suitable for activities and occasions like school, shopping or running errands; accessorize the look with colored accessories like the wine color bucket bag, combat boots and statement earrings and you would have a great outfit for fashion events like blogger meet-ups or conferences. If you need more inspiration, check out my previous post here and here. Happy viewing, happy styling.

Puffy sleeve blazer + Velvet

                իi everyone, I hope we are all doing great; just a short blog post here to brighten up our day. There is so much negativity and uncertainty out there right now and I believe everyone just have to do what we can to keep our spirits up. I was looking through my Blog Archives the other day and realized that I had not published this post featuring one of my holiday outfits so, I decided to get it done. I wore this puffy sleeves, embellished (embroidered) vintage blazer over a vintage silk ruffle neck blouse paired with velvet pants and gold singback and a box clutch. I wore this outfit to Church a few days after the New Year. I pray that the blessings and good tidings of the new never leave us. Thanks so much for reading.


                                                                Belt       Slingback

Shoe Lovin' - Square toe Satin Loafers

              quare toe shoes are trending this season and so is loafers. Although, this classic shoe style has been around for a long time, it cycles in and out of the fashion scene from time to time. It has reemerged as a trend this season mostly because of the square toe trend. I spotted this satin loafers on line and decided to feature it here on the blog on the Shoe lovin' Series. The pearl accessory or embellishment is such a cute detail and the cameo color gives a nod to the combat shoes trend. This shoe by sole society, has sold out online but you might still find them in pre-loved sites like Porshmark and Tradesy. If you are interested in checking it out, click on here or get on the waiting list here.

LOFT Fashion Rental

              ustainable fashion is gaining more recognition and several retail stores are making adjustments in how their fashion is made or sold in order to cater to the needs of their customers who crave sustainability in fashion. Not every one is interested in fast fashion anymore; most consumers are looking into ways they can get more buck for their dollars. This might be the reason that clothing or fashion rental (a form of sustainable fashion) is catching on. A new store that just got into this trend is LOFT. The fashion retail store has a new fashion rental service that is somewhat similar to that of Rent the Runway. Loft is, and has always been one of my favorite stores especially for work attire and I was very happy to learn about this new service and decided to share the news on the blog. If you are interested in knowing more about this service, check it out here.

Camel Coat + My favorite Winter Accessory

his is another one of my favorite coats to wear in the winter time, this camel long coat. Camel coat is just another classic or winter essential every lady should have in their closet. There are so many cheaper and more affordable options these days at fashion retail stores like Asos and Zara.  I got this from a consignment store about seven or eight years ago well before camel coats became a huge trend. You can get more information on my previous post. If you still need a camel coat at this time, consider checking the end of season sale around March and April. 

Coat          Denim        Bag

Winter Casual Style: Long green coat + square toe boots

              he weather in Minnesota pretty much dictates much of what goes on around here especially your wardrobe. If you love fashion and care about how you present yourself, then you have to have a solid winter wardrobe if you live in this city. And a solid winter wardrobe includes two or more winter coats and boots and sweaters. These pieces can cost a lot if you want really good quality but I have a tip for you if you want to go shopping for winter attire; try consignment or thrift shopping. This tip is not a secret to anyone anymore and definitely not a secret to any reader of this blog.

                                                 Coat        Sweater       Boot

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