Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Shoes in"- Sneak Peak


The shoes are here!..:) We ladies do love our shoes and can never have enough. My packages just arrived and I think I'm done with my shoe shopping for the year; (I hope?) Save for one last purchase I might make. I'm thinking of getting a pair of leopard prints flat for the fall and I'm currently searching for an affordable pair that would not break the bank. Okay, enough rambling about my future purchase...:)

We all know that shoes make a huge statement and they transform an outfit and take it up a notch. In my opinion, they do not have to be expensive but they do have to be super comfortable. I usually do not go for trends but would get something that is in season if it is super pretty or catches my fancy; clothes and shoes alike. Also, I do get thrifty by buying only items that I really need and getting them at discount prices except for occasional splurges. So, I made a note to myself last fall that I would need a couple of new sandals this summer and a couple of booties for the fall/winter (since the ones I own presently have weathered some storm) and some rain boots for the kids and sandals also for them to play in...an endless list I know! Well, hubby took care of the kids and I took care of me!..:)

I did some stalking on Victoria's secret('s) website; my favorite place to shop and when some of my favorite pairs went on sale, I made a fast move. This post is just a sneak peak at my shoe haul and I will do the reveal later. ha! ha!! (whisper: lots of animal prints..) To see my post on the ongoing sales of my favorite pair(s) check here.

Top & Skirt: Old Navy
Cap toe flats: Neighborhood boutique

Thanks so much for stopping by and do enjoy the rest of the week. Leave me a link and I'll check out your blogs.


                                                                           Beauty Ojo
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