Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Pant Suit: A Closet Essential and how to shop for an affordable Set

Pant Suits have been a classic for a very long time and when any fashion piece is a classic, it is not even regarded as a trend anymore. it is way past a trend; It is a wardrobe essential, a staple that every woman should have in their closet and that is the story of the pant suit. I have had this black pant suit for a while now and it is actually separates; a different blazer and pair of black pant paired together to create this pantsuit look previously blogged about here. This spring and summer, pantsuits would be a huge trend and if you do not own one yet, you can check out Asos Website where you can find different styles and colors of pantsuits at affordable price point.

Another tip for shopping for pant suits is by buying the blazer and bottom separately but you really have to take great care to match the blazer to the bottom as much as possible. I purchased most of my pantsuits this way and was able to save money by the mix and match buying and styling. I love the thrill of hunting for the perfect bottom for my blazers. And since most of them are thrifted for less than $10, I'm able to get a good pantsuit for less than $50. If styling (mix and match) is not necessarily your thing and you do not mind splurging on a new pantsuit for over a hundred dollars, then go ahead and check out some of my favorite picks from Asos below.

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