Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Dressing up in style in sub zero temps

We are all aware of the deep freeze sweeping across the United States this week unless you are lounging on a beach somewhere enjoying the sun which probably would be the best thing to do. So, if you can afford it, you can book a flight for yourself to someplace warm until the weekend if you are single and if you have a family and can afford it, you definitely need to take the family to some place very warm where you can have some adventure and enjoy the sun for the next few days. If you are staying home where the cold and chill is present, you definitely need to stay warm and being indoors is the best way to deal with this cold. If you have to go out, consider pilling on layers and layers of clothing but make sure your final outfit or layer is stylish and on trend. This outfit collage below shows some inspiration on what you need to stay stylish in sub zero temps.

The set features a black long sleeve turtle neck sweater sometimes called a high neck or roll neck sweater or jumper with little variation in the style. To create a very stylish look, tuck in the sweater into a good quality pair of denim which should be layered too with some great winter under garments if you plan on spending some time outdoors. Throw on a black and white striped cardigan, long puffer coat, a colorful printed scarf, colored gloves and a colorful bag are needed to elevate this look. And last but not the least, grab a hat that suits your style on your way out and do not forget the snow boots. Happy styling...💛

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