Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Birthday to me in my Fall Casual Style

It's my birthday 😃 Words cannot express how grateful and happy I am feeling right now. I thank God for his mercy and love towards me and for his divine love and protection over me and my family and friends.  *insert dancing emoji here** Having my birthday on October 31st which is Halloween holiday in the United States evokes mixed emotions in me whenever my birthday comes around every year because I do not celebrate Halloween. I just do not understand much nor do I like why and how the holiday is celebrated. I like the idea of kids dressing up in fun costumes and getting treats but really, really do not like all the gothic and ghostly décor and all the horror and scare surrounding the holiday and its celebration. I do not like spooky and horror movies too so maybe that's why...And then, statistics show that kids get hurt more on and around Halloween holiday when they go trick or treating especially by drunk drivers who are reckless and negligent. Some states are proposing limiting the age of kids who can trick or treat on Halloween to under twelve years probably to limit the number of kids on the streets on Halloween. Forgive me for my rant if you are into Halloween but please, be safe and pray for your kids before you send them out. I thank God the celebration is optional too as with other holidays 😊 The celebration that is not optional for me however, is my birthday. I'm glad I was able to have an enjoyable day with my family.
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