Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Pearl Earrings Trend

Pearls have been statement jewelry for centuries back and are highly regarded as status jewelry. Their value and price has made them special occasion jewelry; to be worn when there is a very special event and then kept in a safe box. This is true of real, genuine pearls; however, faux pearl or fake pearls have also been around for years and while they are not of great value, they are beautiful to look at and can also be as stylish as the real ones. Some pearls are encrusted with real diamonds or other valuable stones like this cultured fresh water pear drop earrings  that retails for about $800 because it has diamond accents in it and this some what similar set  that retails for about $450. Now that pearl earrings are trending, you do not have to splurge on expensive sets. Above are faux pearls that are beautiful and stylish to look at but do not cost a bunch. Click on the product information below to get more information on the sets. Happy viewing, happy shopping.

                                  OneTwoThreeFour  / FiveSixSevenEightNine

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