Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Shopping for Clear Bags

Now that summer is gradually coming to an end, it is time to do some closet editing. How about we start by switching out summer accessories before piling on Fall layers. I know clear bags or PVC bags or transparent bags as they are called have been around all summer but it is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is a style of bag that is going to trend right through the Fall and Winter season. How appropriate too; after all, it would be the most functional bag to have on snowy, wet days. In an earlier post here, I talked about doing another post to share shopping information about any affordable clear bags I could find. I finally found very good quality clear bags on the Shein Website. Just compare spending $195 on this STAUD PVC clear bag to spending $13 on this Shein clear bag. It is obvious that one is a designer luxury piece and the other is not but hey! trends come and go and there is no need splurging on a piece that might go out of style after a season. I checked out the selections available on Shein and ordered a few because they are so, so affordable and I can really tell you that the quality of the bags are great for the price; (that is, the price matches the quality) because I got my orders already. This is the first time I shopped at this site and I intend to go back to buy one or two clothing pieces in order to check out the sizing and quality. If you are still interested in shopping for clear bags, check out the site here.

*This is not a sponsored Post; just my own opinion.*

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