Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tribal Blue

Blue tribal gown: custom made
Bag: Random Purchase
Shoes: DSW
Cobalt blue pants: Neighborhood Boutique

I hope everyone is happy and well...:-) These are the pictures of the outfit I wore to church last Sunday; a long gown made from African tie and dye fabric. It's a gown I have had in the closet for a couple of years now but only get to wear once in a while. It usually comes in handy in the winter time; in sub degree temperatures where I get to layer underneath in order to keep warm. In the past, I would wear dark tights or leggings underneath but this time, I decided to wear my cobalt blue denim pants underneath. Since the gown is pretty long, the pants was not obvious but whenever I picked up the gown, the blue color denim pants peeked through; surely a great way to take my colored denim for a test drive. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Beauty Ojo

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