Friday, January 11, 2013


This is what I wore a few days ago when the weather was almost at freezing point; layers and layers of clothing in dark muted hues. And come to think of it, it is super hard to wear color in a very, very cold and cloudy winter day. This outfit as you can see is totally different from the one in my previous post.

I am putting on  double turtle neck tops; a charcoal and black sweater turtle neck over a black knit one. Then I wore this mauve A-line denim skirt that was custom made by my seamstress a couple of years ago. I make trips to the local fabric store now and then in search of unique fabrics and when I saw the mauve denim material on one of my visits, I snatched it up right away and designed this A-line skirt; simple and chic. The dark mauve color is a nice way to add subtle color to an otherwise boring outfit like this one...:)

Another way I have been incorporating color into my outfit is through the color of my nails. I admit it has been difficult to do this with home keeping and taking care of three young kids but it is a fashion trend I'm determined to keep...:) This metallic blue color has been my favorite for sometime  now and I have gotten a few positive comments about it. My hubby is still surprised at it though and I got quite a laugh when he exclaimed the other day; "What is up with the nails?"....:)

Also, in the absence of color, "texturing" is another way to add interest into winter outfits. In this case, my chunky outer sweater fits the bill. I felt so warm in my layered outfit that I didn't really need an outer winter jacket. However, if you live in a place like Minnesota where the weather can be very unpredictable most times, it is wise to always have one handy

                                                                              Boots: Victoriassecret
                                                                              Bag: Aldo

        Thanks so much for reading and do not forget to include God in your plan this weekend. **Kisses**


Mustard in Winter

Winter in times past was a time to put all the colorful outfits away and then embracing all the different shades of grey and even black if there is any. Things are however very different this winter. I have incorporated so much color into my winter wardrobe that even a blind man would notice!...:) Hey, I believe in miracles okay!!

However, one thing is to have a colorful wardrobe and another thing is to be able to put the colors together in an outfit. For me, blogging about fashion has really helped me a bit and I am surely more organized and creative than ever before. The outfit in this post is what I wore today to run some errands at downtown and I must say it is the most colorful outfit I have ever worn in the winter seasson.

The weather has been surprisingly warm for the past couple of days and we almost hit forty degrees today in the twin cities. I decided to enjoy the day by dressing lighter and brighter and this mustard blazer was my first choice. It's so colorful and stylish at the same time.

Since the jacket was very colorful, I decided to keep the other pieces subdued and neutral. I layered my leopard ruffled top with a dark brown tank-top and put on some cream color jeans. My brown suede heels and neutral (or almost mustard color handbag) finished the look.

 There is still so much snow on the ground that it is hard to believe that it is still winter time. We are all enjoying this weather make-over that God has handed to us in the state of Minnesota and no one is complaining. However, the weather forecast predicts very cold conditions for next week so we are just trying to enjoy this warm weather now while it lasts.

Shoes: Victoriassecret
Bag: Franco Santos

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and do have a blessed week ahead.


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