Sunday, August 17, 2014

Green and Polka Dots

Hi everyone, I hope we all had a great weekend. Mine was super eventful; details later..:-). I chose to wear this emerald green cropped pants blogged about here today and I must say I got quite a surprise. The last time I wore them, they were cropped pants and had a nice fit but today, they became all baggy. You know that's good right? That means "yours Sincerely" is losing some weight!..:-). And also, I think I purchased the pants during my first trimester last year and they fit perfectly then. Another reason could also be that the pants ran higher than the usual size. I didn't want to change them out today for something else because I was just captivated by the cool green color and soft fabric but I know it's definitely going for some alteration.

I debated about just wearing a plain black blouse over it then opted for this sheer polka dots blouse. The green vintage necklace which the pictures didn't do justice completed the look. My butterfly ring was a last minute add-on and I have no idea why I slipped it on but it sure took my mind way back. My butterfly ring has been with me since my early days of blogging and it's still here; ever faithful. I lost it a couple of times and recovered it each time somehow. It is very similar to my relationship with God. No matter how far away I wander, he's always there waiting with open arms. He's ever ready to listen and always quick to forgive anyone.

                                                       Polka dots blouse: T. J. Maxx
                                                       Pants: Loft
                                                                     Bag: Aldo
                                                       Jewelry: Vintage
                                                                     Shoes: Christian Louboutin via Neiman Marcus
                                                       Butterfly Ring: Burlington

Have a great and productive week. I'll be back with more posts this week cos I'm just itching to share. I'm a "blogerholic" remember? I know there is no word like that but well, you read or heard it first here...:-)

                                                                    Thanks for stopping by
                                                                         Beauty Ojo
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