Sunday, January 12, 2014



Zara suede shoes

Talullah Tu purple purse
$165 -

Tory burch bracelet

Ruby jewelry

     Happy New year everyone. A big thank-you to all my friends who left congratulatory messages on my last post. It's been a total new experience with the recent addition to the family and everyone in my family is still super excited. Today is the naming/dedication of my newborn and this ceremony involves taking the baby to church and having the pastor pray for him at the altar. There is going to be a big celebration afterwards so there has been a lot of planning and preparation towards this event.

    I have picked a simple outfit for this event; a blue floral print high-low dress in an African fabric which I designed months ago and my seamstress brought it to life. The above polyvore selections were picked based on my outfit. I'm looking forward to enjoying myself with friends and family today and If I get the time to take pictures, I'll put them up later on the blog...:)

             Thanks so much for stopping by and do enjoy the rest of the weekend.

                                                            Beauty Ojo
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