Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How to style: Leopard prints coat + Fanny Pack


Leopard prints trend is huge this fall and this post is on how to style an effortless look with a leopard prints coat and the fanny pack; another trending fashion piece. This outfit is suitable for  fall weather to go on casual errands. If you find the coat too heavy, you can switch it out for a leopard prints blazer like this one here. And if you don't know, leopard prints look very good when paired with red accents and if you are not into fanny pack, you can switch it out for a red saddle bag or cross body bag or any red color bag of your choice. This is purely a casual look; if you need inspiration on styling leopard prints for a less casual event like work, check out this previous post here.

                                      Coat: Here budget friendly here and here. Another option here
                                      Fanny Pack: Similar here and here. Another option here

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Olive color Dress + orange color Slides

Hello 😊 This is just a quick post here sharing one of my simple casual outfits I wore this summer. I have had this dress for ever; I purchased it from TJ Maxx years ago and I just like the uniqueness the dress brings to my closet because of its color. The olive green color is different and the fabric of the dress is soft and comfy.  This is a dress I wear around at home and to make a quick dash to the store so, it is nothing fancy. However, I dressed it up by adding fun accessories like this straw hat, the cool satin orange slides from Target and this embroidered woven bag I got from the thrift store. Woven bags and/or beaded bags are the new fashion wave for Fall. Again, you do not have to spend tons of money on any trending piece that you do not know would be around for a long time. Just check out local fashion boutiques in your neighborhood, Easy Store, Amazon or the thrift store for an affordable version of the trend. Another way to go is to check brands and stores like Forever 21Asos  and Toyshop for affordable versions of the trend.

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