Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The denim Skirt: styling an old trend

The eighties are back! woot...woot...👏 👏  not in a mad rush though; slowly but surely, pieces are creeping in. One of such piece from the eighties that is trending again right now is the denim skirt. It is a unique piece that I have loved for years and the patched skirt I am wearing in this post is one of my favorites and I have had it for years previously blogged about here. I love the patch work design which is a nod to Fall's patch-work style trend. I love that denim skirt though a casual piece, can be dressed up a bit with the right accessories to get a formal look. The tip is to get a darker shade of the denim; the darker the shade, the more formal the look of the denim. A dressed up denim can be worn to somewhat formal events like fund raising events, casual work meetings or to work on a casual Friday. You can check out the sets below for styling inspiration on the formal and very casual styling of the denim skirt. Thanks so much for viewing.

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