Thursday, July 19, 2018

Shoe Lovin' - Jeweled Flats by Amina Jillil



Amina Jillil

These sparkly bejeweled flat heel pumps are not trending this summer but it caught my eye all the same when I saw it online. This shoe is certainly a showstopper and though I have not seen it up close  the craftsmanship seems to be very good. At over $350.00, the price is pretty steep and not on my shopping list right now but it does inspire me about crafts and DIY projects. If you are familiar with the name, you know that the designer, Amina Jillil has an inspirational story on how she became a shoe designer. This beautiful pair here would go well with an all black outfit or all white outfit and would also pair very nicely with a white button down shirt and a great pair of denim. 

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