Monday, June 22, 2020

Summer in my Front-tie Shirt


       ዙow is everyone doing? Summer is here friends! I'm so excited about the beautiful weather though I know that this summer is one like no other; for one, there is nothing much to do with everyone being in quarantine. We all have to find ways to do the things that make us happy while we fight this pandemic. For me, writing (blogging)  is helping me a lot because it is very therapeutic for me. Also, I still try to dress up even when I am home. This outfit is what I wore recently to stay home and it's actually a DIY front-tie shirt. I took an old oversized button white shirt from the closet, knotted it in front over this pair of denim and accessorized with white square toed mules and a straw bag.


                                                        Shirt            Shoes            Earrings


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