Thursday, March 14, 2019

Closet Chronicles: Lilac/Lavender color

Closet Chronicles is a new feature on the blog that is all about adding colors to a plain closet and the color I'm starting off with in this series is (pastel) lavender or lilac. This is a lighter shade of purple and if you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that purple, lilac and lavender are some of my favorite colors. Unlike nudes and neutrals, this is not the color you wear on a daily or regular basics. Lilac is a color you add to the closet to style on an unexpected spring day or event; depending on the occasion. It can also be worn in the summer and all the way to Fall.

This post is about ways to add color (lilac/lavender to your closet and we'll start out by looking at a plain closet and when I say plain, I mean closets without colors; just nude and neutrals. Some people think this is boring but others just like their wardrobe or closet this way and that is okay. I f you do not like color, then you do not like color. However, spring is around the corner and this is a perfect time to access your closet  and determine what you need to refresh it. I know the trending color of the season is neon but we will address that color in a different post. So, like I was saying, we start out by just staring at this plain closet and we can make a list of that is needed in a closet; pants, tops, skirts, blazers, coats and accessories like shoes, bags, scarfs and jewelry. And we can go out to purchase affordable pieces in this color. Below are beautiful and stylish lilac color fashion pieces that you can add to your closet.


Blazers are a cute way to add colors in your wardrobe because a colorful blazer is a statement piece. When you throw a lilac or lavender color blazer over your nudes and neutrals for spring, you'll definitely feel confident and classy for any event. To make the blazer stand out more, you can keep other accessories like shoes and bags neutral. A translucent or clear bag and shoes is a great idea too. Check out some lilac color blazers here and here.



Can you see how yummy these lavender/lilac shoes look? A pair of lilac shoes would look stylish when paired with a dress, a pant suit or even a skirt and top. Easter celebration is around the corner and aside from Easter, think Spring and Summer weddings or even prom and keep a  pair at hand. Check out some selections here. 

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