Thursday, December 20, 2018

Holiday Lookbook: Blazer + Faux fur Stole

Happy Thursday Friends 😃 I'm here today with another holiday look; a casual outfit featuring holiday accessories. Most of the time, we ladies, spend too much money buying new outfits for the holiday season when we have a closet full of clothes and I must say I am guilty of this too. I always feel like I need something new and do not want to wear my last holiday season outfits again this year. This time, I decided to reduce the stress of shopping for new outfits (although I have my eyes on this beautiful skirt here)  to put new holiday outfits together from pieces and accessories that I already own in my closet and that is how this look came about. This outfit is a look you can wear to casual holiday parties; you know the one that is not so formal; maybe a Christmas party hosted by your friends or an after work Christmas dinner with your co-workers. The foundation for this outfit; a blazer, a pair of blue denim and a white top are clothes or pieces that we already own in our closet. I used holiday or special occasion accessories; the sparkly belt, silver metallic heels, a faux fur stole and sequin metallic clutch to add a holiday touch to the outfit. The statement earrings were purchased on sale at Target over the summer and the statement belt was purchased from Asos and blogged about here. What other casual holiday event do you think this outfit is appropriate for? I think if you switch out the denim for regular dress pants, this outfit would definitely go to several events and even to a very special place, the Church. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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