Friday, November 9, 2012

"Recycling"- Neutral Everything.

Yeah, I definitely love being green. "Save the dollars, save the Planet, save the earth!..." We all are green one way or the other and we definitely recycle too even when it comes to clothes. No matter how rich anyone is, there is always that favorite piece of clothing that just needs to be worn a second time just the way it is or in combination with other pieces to revitalize the look. Is there someone out there who has never worn a piece of clothing twice? I'll like to know...

The cropped pants I am wearing in this post is what I wore in my previous post too and I am actually putting on "all neutrals," accessories included in this post. A very simple but fun look. While styling the pieces, I had the feeling the end result might end up being boring but I must say it actually ended up looking so vibrant and fun.

My scowling face..

This boho top which can be worn on or off the shoulders is from Next and a gift from my Uncle in Manchester.  My younger brother visited Manchester last year and came back with a bag of goodies for me and my peeps from my Uncle. Uncle Mike, If you ever get to read this; this is to say a big thank-you again for all the wonderful gifts...:)  I still have a couple of outfits from Next in my closet that I haven't worn. They have such trendy styles and pieces and I will definitely visit the store when I visit the UK.

I'm still enjoying mixing and matching my clothing items and I'm still on a shopping freeze. If nothing in my closet meets the current trend, I'll just pass up on the trend and focus on other beautiful things. Like I always say; Fashion is great but it is not everything...:) Another thing I am also enjoying right now is the beautiful Fall weather God has blessed us with. It's in the fifties today and will be so the next couple of days. Fun! fun!! fun!!!

                                                               Have a nice weekend everyone

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