Thursday, November 12, 2015

What to wear to a Sports Event

Bomber jacket and denim 1

WearAll zip jacket
$30 -

Genetic Denim denim jeans

Combat boots

Bomber jacket and denim 2

Yumi bomber jacket

FRACOMINA denim pants
$150 -

Forever 21 black handbag

Tory Burch lipstick

Perfume fragrance

Zak design

So, my eight year old son just signed up for basketball and we take him for practice twice a week and I decided to do a post on what to wear to a sports event and came up with the outfit collages above. As a fashion blogger (I am not a stylist though) I believe you have to wear the right clothes to the right occasion. I mean, denim or jeans works well for any sporting event because jeans is really, really casual. However, I decided to make my denim/jeans more interesting by adding a piece which is unusual and unexpected; at least for me and that's why I built my outfits around bomber jackets. I recently added a couple to my wardrobe and I think I now have an interesting outer wear/jacket collection. Do you own any bomber jacket?

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                                                                       Beauty Ojo

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