Friday, November 30, 2018

Shoe Lovin': Brown Suede ankle Boots

Brown suede boots are my new favorite things or my new favorite shoes especially when they are ankle boots. I really loved this contrast color suede ankle boots from Shopbop the first time I saw them online and was not surprised when the boots sold out so quickly; they are so beautiful; the color, the lace at the back sole and the style makes the boots so unique. I have since searched for a similar pair online but was not able to find any style that close in look. In the process of searching for this pair, I realized that my shoe closet was actually missing a pair of brown ankle boots and that there were so many other affordable styles available. I got this beautiful pair from Nasty Gal  during their summer sale and it's such a simple cute style of ankle boots that can be paired with denim, dresses and skirts. This Aquazzura pair here is also very beautiful but since the price is quite steep, an affordable similar pair here would do. If you are like me and need to add a pair of brown ankle boots to your shoe closet, check out some of these affordable choices below. Happy viewing, happy shopping, happy styling.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

What to wear on a very cold Fall Day

If you live in a region like me where the fall weather quickly turns into winter before the official start time, you might have your winter coats and scarfs laid out already. A long coat or robe coat is a must have outer wear for a very cold day. A good quality wool coat or cashmere can cost over a thousand dollars in high end stores and a wool blend or equivalent cashmere blend can cost upper hundreds but it can be a good investment because you will get a warm cozy coat that you can wear for years. I must say too that; the shorter the coat, the cheaper it is. You can get more affordable styles online in UK stores like Asos and Misguided.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Puffer Coat + Zebra prints Scarf

While we are still on the animal prints trend, I'm definitely here for it. I have somehow found a way to incorporate the prints into every outfit I wear this season. This outfit that features a puffer coat and black denim pants got the zebra prints treatment in this large zebra prints scarf which is actually a DIY piece. I went to the fabric store years ago when I was decorating my home and cut several yards of different animal prints faux fur fabric which I used as cushion throws, and throws for my closet chair. All the faux fur fabrics are in stored in my closet now because I have since changed out the dΓ©cor in my home. So, I repurposed this zebra prints throw into a neck scarf here on a very cold day. I completed the look with a clear tote blogged about here and I tell you, I was very warm and comfy.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Casual style on a cold fall day: Green knit snood and vintage croc effect bucket bag

Hi Everyone πŸ˜€ So, now it's back to reality after all the Thanksgiving festivities and holiday deals and shopping. Did you get to do any black Friday or cyber Monday shopping? I did a little shopping and get some items I felt was missing in my closet. I have been seeing beautiful beret style on insta and wanted to get my hands on one because you know I try to indulge in affordable fashion trends. So, I did some browsing and found some affordable berets on Forever 21 like this black color here and this plaid prints style here. Although the red beret is a little too common and basic, I like the fact that it's eye catching and can add a huge dose of color to an outfit. I ended up getting myself one from the Shein website here. I have also wanted a black color polka dots pumps for a while and I found an affordable pair at 40 % discount on the Macy's Website. I still have a few things on my list like a sequin skirt and cowboy boots but I'm not planning on buying anything full price anymore; just show me the deals, deals, deals...πŸ˜†

Monday, November 26, 2018

Apron style Palazzo Pants + Leopard Prints Scarf

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving; mine was beautiful. I always appreciate it when the kids get time off from school and we are able to just relax and spend time together as a family. I didn't invite any one over this Thanksgiving and I also declined other invitations extended by others. I just wanted to spend the day with my intimate family and we had so much fun cooking all our meals, eating dinner and relaxing by the fire place late into the night while we watched movies and also listened to music. After God, family is everything and we all need to spend more time with our family and also put our focus on our kids and spouses and I believe the world will be better off when we do this. There is so much craziness going on in the world right now. Well, thank God for all things and thank God for the Thanksgiving holiday too because we are all able to slow down and reconnect with our loved ones.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday Gift Guide for the Ladies



Happy Black Friday. I hope you had a wonderful celebration with your family and friends and was able to spend quality time together.Thanksgiving holiday is the official start of the holiday season and the main idea behind the holidays is the virtue of giving. Christmas is all about the fact that God gave his son Jesus Christ to give the gift of redemption to all humanity. This is the greatest act of LOVE ever known. To show love at any time or during the holiday season, you have to give something out. Giving might be in the form of kind words, actions, messages, your time (spending time with loved ones) or it might be in the form of gifts. For those surrounded by Moms, sisters, wives, girl friends, this gift guide would give you ideas on what to get your loved ones for the holidays and some of the items on the list are on sale. Check it out and happy shopping.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Outfit: Eshakti Selections and New Customization Feature Review

Happy Thanksgiving Friends 😁 Are you ready to celebrate thanksgiving with your friends and family? Are you done with planning your menu and shopping for groceries? Do not forget that you have to dress up and look good on Thanksgiving day whether you are a host or a guest. If you are still thinking of outfit options to wear this weekend (Express shipping everyone...) or if you have not picked out your Christmas and New Year outfits yet, do not be anxious because Eshakti is the place where you can find the right outfit for any occasion. If you are not familiar with this brand by now, I'll tell you about it. Eshakti is an online store that specializes in women's fashion by offering retail and wholesale fashion. The store can customize a single dress for you or several dresses for you or your bridesmaids by their unique customization feature of altering neck lines, hem lengths, sleeve lengths; which you can read more about here and also fabric customization that let's you swap the fabric of particular styles that you like and you can read more about it here too.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tan color sweater + Brown Culottes

Tan, browns, beige and nudes are typical fall colors which I decided to bring together in this outfit. I am wearing a tan color cable knit sweater, an old purchase from Loft and a dark brown pair of culottes, an old piece from my closet. My accessories are pretty light; a pair of nude pumps, a red mini quilted bag for a pop of color and a printed silk scarf for some interest. Can you believe I forgot to put on a pair of earrings when I got dressed to go out before taking these pics? At other times, I would have been very conscious of my bare ears but with this added printed scarf around my neck, I was just fine. A very simple, laid back outfit I must say. What are your plans for Thanksgiving celebration? Everyday should be Thanksgiving in my book and I have a lot to be thankful to God for starting with his love and mercy and grace on my life and on my family. I thank God for good health and for good friends and I really just thank him for everything. Without God, where would I be? (Nowhere!) What are you thankful to God for?

Monday, November 19, 2018

Nordstrom Gift ideas for the Holidays

Beautiful Gift ideas for the 

      Fashionista Lady



     One  / Two / Three / Four  / Five  / Six  / Seven / Eight   / Nine  / Ten / Eleven  / Twelve  / Thirteen

The holidays are here. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and Christmas and New Year less than 50 days away and along with the holidays come the gift giving. This Post is a selection of  my favorite things from Nordstrom for the fashionista ladies and fashionable men in our lives. None of the items are on sale currently but they are all under a $100 each. To be honest with you all, I prefer to give gift cards as gifts these days because I think that is the best option ever and this is why I included gift cards on both lists. However, before giving out gift cards, just make sure you have a budget and know your limit for each person on your list. It is also a great idea to get gift cards from the favorite stores of your friends and loved ones as that would really help them  towards getting membership points and rewards from those stores.

Friday, November 16, 2018

What to wear to Work on a casual Friday: Brown faux Leather Dress + Orange Pumps

Happy Friday 😁 Are you looking for inspiration on what to wear to work on a Friday in the Fall? Some corporate companies do casual Fridays where employees can come to work in an outfit that is a little casual yet work appropriate and I think this outfit would work on such a day. I am wearing a faux snake skin leather dress I got from Chicos years ago paired with an orange color d'orsay pumps and a leopard prints scarf and brown leather bag. I think this print mix combo plus leather dress situation would do just fine for work. However, it's hard to find a good leather dress that looks formal without splurging. Most of the leather dresses out there that are affordable, either look too cheap or they look juvenile in a bad way (too short, lots of cut-outs, straps) and not work appropriate. An alternative styling to doing a leather dress is to get a good leather skirt and pair a comfy sweater over it, it will do just fine too, This look here is actually from four years ago and you can read the original post here.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Shoe Lovin' - Cow boy boots


The cow boy boots is a huge trend this fall and the versatility in styling makes it very appealing to every fashionable or stylish lady. These boots can be paired with dresses. skirts pants and even shorts in the summer time. A couple of brands are coming up with very modern version of this boots but the traditional style still remains a classic. Cowboy boots come in different colors and textures too and when distressed or worn, gives an edgy vibe to an outfit. Most cow boy boots are unisex so, don't feel uncomfortable shopping for one in the men's department; just make sure you go one or two sizes up to make it easier to wear. I'm planning on indulging in this trend but I'm not going to splurge on a new pair. I'm on the look out for a good thrift pair. Below are different styles and colors that you can check out if you are interested in the trend.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Leopard Prints Sandals + Red belt bag

So, the leopard prints trend seems not to be going anywhere and I have got no problem with it. The style or trend is more interesting this season because it is being styled in fresh new ways than it has ever been; beautiful clothing pieces with great silhouettes, draping, blazers, pants, dresses...Another styling trend is the different hue or shades of the print. I like white color leopard prints trend like the blazer I wore in my previous post here and the calf hair pumps I wore in this post  here. For this look, I combined two trends; a pair of calf hair sandals; an old purchase from Macys and a belt bag which is actually a DIY piece. I tucked in the straps into the bag, left the bag open and sneaked it behind a red belt I used to cinch my waist then shut the bag close with the clasp. I took some pictures of the process and would do a post on it some other time. My aim on this blog from now on is to share more money saving tips and affordable fashion. Can I say again that this off white blazer was thrifted years ago? The turtle neck short sleeve sweater is an old purchase from Nordstrom and a similar style is currently on sale for 50% at Boohoo.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

White leopard prints blazer + Black Pants

Leopard prints blazers can make our work style to stand out this fall. Yes, the prints do not belong to street style alone. The styling tip is to make sure the blazer is of a good fit and well structured and pairing it with neutrals or toned down accessories would work for any work place. For this look, I layered my leopard prints blazer with a white turtle neck top and paired it with a black color wide legged pants and a pair of black pumps. Now this white color leopard prints blazer is a thrifted piece which I got for less than $10 years ago (remember I said in an earlier post that I have a large stash of thrifted blazers?) This particular piece is a HM brand and it's a size smaller than my usual size but I purchased it because of its unusual color and it's very well made and of good quality. I tried to find the blazer online afterwards in order to get a larger size but it was sold out everywhere. Presently that leopard prints is trending, a similar blazer will cost you hundreds of dollars in big brand stores. J. Crew had a similar blazer for about $180 which sold out as soon as it hit the stores. I was able to find a blazer in somewhat similar prints for less than $30 at Walmart and you can check it out if you are interested in this look. Thanks a lot for stopping by.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Red Pant Suit + Leopard Prints Shirt

It's no secret that red complements leopard prints beautifully; they are like a match made in heaven. I had not worn this red pant suit in a long time but the recent trend in leopard prints made me dig into my closet for the pant and the blazer which are separates by the way. The pants are an old purchase from the Victorias Secret Body by Victoria collection via the catalogue (such a great fit and quality) and the red oversized blazer is an old thrift find. The two pieces cost less than a $100. I remember getting the red pants on sale for about $69.99 and the blazer cost about $6.99 and the quality of the blazer is great too. These days, a good quality two-piece suit would set you back between $150-$300.

Friday, November 9, 2018

The statement accessory you need for fall

                                                               See original Post here

We know accessories can make or break an outfit and this fall, the statement belt is that one accessory that you need to elevate your fall ensemble. All you need to do is to cinch your plaid blazer at the waist and the look is changed instantly from boring to chic. I know there are so many designer brand belts especially Gucci that has been trending since last summer but we don't need to splurge to be able to get a stylish belt this fall. Below are some cute affordable options that I have picked out for some chic styling this season and yes, they make good stocking stuffers too for your fashionista friends or family members. Happy shopping.    

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Neon Suit + Graphic Tee

Neon green is a color that is out there more than ever this fall. This look is a throwback to this neon suit and graphic tee previously blogged about here. The cropped neon green denim pants was purchased from Victorias' Secret catalogue years ago including the animal prints pump while the graphic tee was purchased from Forever 21. The blazer is an old thrift and the color is not a perfect match to the pants but the shades are similar enough for the outfit to work. I needed to break up the bold color of the suit by layering a white tee underneath and needed something to complement my shoe. A grey color satin clutch completed the look. If you want to re-create this look, you can check out the shopping information below.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Casual style with zebra prints bag

all kinds of animal prints are trending at the moment but I must admit that snake print is the most trendy print right now. Behind snake print, comes all the other prints; leopard, cheetah, cow and zebra prints. Did I leave any print out? Animal prints can be very overwhelming to wear and care has to be taken not to go overboard with it. My styling for today is centered around this zebra prints bag which is actually a thrifted piece from a couple years ago. I knew I found a gem when I found it; it is hand made in Italy and very durable and chic. I remember I got it for less than $6.00. Although, it had been in the closet for years, I knew the season was going to come when I would style the bag over and over. You can find similar zebra prints bags on Etsy. I love this piece here which is somewhat similar to mine.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Rock the Vote in Style: Fashion Mood Board


*Set adapted from @Styleboardcreator*

How do you look when you head out to the Polls? This fashion inspiration mood board styles pieces that would make you look great on a when you head out to cast your votes on a rainy fall election day. The pleated skirt is a fall staple and paired with a cream color sweatshirt and wine loafers, you would look comfy and chic at the polls. To add more drama to the outfit, complete the look with a gold color handbag and a pair of mustard statement earrings. Check out the shopping links below to recreate this look on a budget. Happy Shopping...

Monday, November 5, 2018

Cream color sweater + brown Polka dots Pants

Okay, this outfit might just be a celebration of the last days of beautiful fall weather that we have been having in my city. The fall weather has been beautiful; nice and gorgeous for the past weeks; so, I wore this outfit a few days ago; a brown cropped polka dots pant from J. Crew. The color of the pants, style and fit is just perfect for fall and I love that this pant can also be styled for any time of the year. I paired it with a short sleeved turtle neck cream color sweater and a similar style of sweater is currently on sale here for $8, get it before it sells out. I just ordered a couple more colors for myself too. It's a great sweater to layer under a blazer for the winter and you can style it with a simple pair of jeans or pleated skirt for Spring. Hey! my straw bag is out again. I wore the style out of this bag this past summer before I gave it a break but somehow, I picked it up again to style this fall outfit and I think it pairs nicely with it. A pair of tan pointed toe pumps completed the simple  look. Now, polka dots is definitely a print that is going nowhere at least for me. I intend to style it all through winter. Are you tired of the polka dots trend yet? If you are not, check out the similar styles or prints in the shopping links below and have a beautiful and blessed week 😘     

Friday, November 2, 2018

Grey color Animal Prints Pumps

                                       Unique Leopard Prints/Calf Hair Pumps 

                                                                                Shoe trend

*Pics adapted from Pinterest*

While we are still on the subject of the leopard prints or animal prints trend, I am going to highlight one of my favorite fashion accessory, shoes. As you can see from the pictures in this post, the grey color animal prints pump is very unique and not as common as the typical brown color leopard print pumps. I have a pair of the black-white color, calf hair pumps below that I purchased from Victorias Secret catalogue years ago and styled recently here. Victorias Secret has since closed shop on their clothing and shoe lines which is quite unfortunate because they had good quality clothes and shoes at affordable prices. With the recent trend in animal print shoes, I have been looking out for a similar shoe design like this Colin Stuart Victorias Secret pump below in a different color perhaps but I have not found it online or at any shoe store. However, recently, I started to see grey color leopard/cheetah prints pumps online and I thought I should do a post on it. I have included a mule and some flats in the post too if that is more your style. Styling these pair(s) is really easy as they go with everything; you know animal prints is a neutral. Happy shopping and styling.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

How to look chic at the Polls...

**Set adapted from @Styleboardcrea_**

So, Election day is around the corner and I tell you that it is one of those places you plan your outfits in advance for. The current situation is that there are long lines in most polling places. I went to the polling place in my precinct a few days ago to fulfill my civic responsibility by casting an early vote/absentee ballot because I know I would not have time to stay in line on the 6th and I tell you, there was a long line there though I went during non rush hours. So, if you plan on going some place where you have to wait on the line, this outfit is an inspiration for you. Put on the season's trendy pieces and complete the look with comfortable shoes and you will definitely count on looking comfortable and chic at the Polls. If the weather is going to be cold, add on light layers that you can easily take off and hold in your arms or take a tote along to store your things. Just leave the heavy jacket in the car. And do not forget the snacks or bottle of water too or a bottle of hand lotion to use when your hands get dry. Be stylish and comfortable wherever you go ladies and thanks so much for reading.
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