Friday, December 29, 2017

How to look glam in ten minutes for New Year's Party

So, just a quick post here; happy new year everyone 😙 While we are all getting ready for the new year and spending time with our loved ones, we shouldn't forget that it's easy to get carried away and start to splurge on new clothing and accessories that become big regrets later. This blog is all about saving money and this post is on how to get ready quickly for that new year dinner by re-styling and wearing clothes that are already in our closet.

For this look, I wore my sequin dress that I got as a gift from hubby a couple of years ago and re-styled it as a top for my pencil midi skirt. The dress would have been too short to wear on its own anyway and I remember I had worn tights underneath with thigh high boots for a different holiday party a couple of years ago. I added my sparkly drop earrings from Jcrew, a sparkly clutch from TJ Maxx, a pair black of stockings from Loft and a pair
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