Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grey Sheath Dress...

Hi beautiful readers, I came back from church a few hours ago and decided to do a quick post on what I wore to church today. It is this grey sheath dress I bought from Tj Maxx months ago. The weather is starting to get cold so, I wanted to enjoy some of my Summer clothes before it gets too cold. This sleeveless sheath dress was a perfect choice for today. It is one of my favorite dresses and the reason I like it is because of its structured tailoring. I can use a black jacket over it in the winter time too.

As usual, I have on very minimal accessories; a black and white necklace which was a random purchase from a friend and a bracelet and ring I bought from Burlington.

You can tell if you read my previous post that my hair style is different. It is starting to get cold so I went to the store to get some wigs. Underneath, my hair is still in comb twists and I will reveal it every now and then for a new look...:)

I am wearing black suede Zigisoho heels which are very very comfy. My purse is Nine West.

I was ouside for about thirty minutes taking these pictures and I was surprised at how fast the weather changed from daylight to night-time plus it started getting chilly like the very next minute the camera lens clicked the last shutter! Not a strange occurence nonetheless. When you live in Minnesota, you get used to the extreme and unpredictable weather.

Were you able to make it to church today? What did you wear? I won't mind seeing special pictures of your favorite church outfit. So, if you like, you can e-mail me pictures at; of your special church outfits and I can feature it under a special segment I will call "Sunday Beauty Chic" with links to your blog. Thanks so much for reading and thanks for leaving comments which are highly appreciated. I deleted some comments in error from my previous post as I tried to use my   i-phone phone for comment moderation. If you are one of those I deleted their comments by mistake, I am so so sorry. Please feel free to leave comments again and I will surely visit your lovely blog in return. **Kisses!!**

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