Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mauve and Graphic...

 Hi beautiful readers, the weekend is over and it is back to reality; reality of school, work...unless you are one of those that vacation the year through which is not a bad thing...:) I am wearing a mauve top and some graphic African pants for this styling today...As some of my readers would have known by now from reading previous postings, I love purple in all its different shades and this mauve color is one of my favorite shade of purple too.

This pants were made from an African print which were made in a tie and dye (Kampala) design. It has its top which was made from the same fabric but I decided to pair it with this mauve top.

My handbag is from Aldo

Top is from Next

My shoes are Colin Stuart...The sun rays were so glaring and they hurt my eyes..

Then I broke out the sunglasses..

The pants has some slits at the sides...

You see, this is just a simple comfortable outfit that is just suitable for the hot weather.

I hope you all were able to make it to church today. A few hours of our time every Sunday is all it
takes to give God praise and worship for all the wonderful things he did for us during the week. The fact that you are healthy and strong and reading this blog right now is proof of God's goodness. Some people are lying on their sick beds at the hospital wishing they could get well...

And if you are sick and reading this blog at this time too, just know that there is nothing too great for God to handle. With him all things are possible. You only have to have faith and believe that you will be healed and it will surely happen. I will be praying for every reader who stumbles on my blog and takes time to read...

And like, I always say, this is a fashion blog I started because I love fashion but I love God the most and I am very passionate about my faith. Send any question my way and I'll do my best to answer them by e-mail...**Kisses**


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Prints and Pink

Hi Beautiful readers, it's so amazing how fast the year is coming to an end. I thought it was the first of August just the other day??? It's starting to get real cold in the evenings and at night time and this signals the fast approach of Winter which is not really my best time of the year. And besides, winters in Minnesota are always very remarkable...:)

I decided to wear this print top today and a simple skirt because I had the sudden feeling to soak up the sun for a little while because it might not be here much longer. I had a brown eyelet jacket with me which I planned to use when the weather turned cold. Also, it gave me a sense of comfort to have my jacket which I actually left in the car while I took these pictures. I only remembered about it much later.

I have had this print top for a while and actually do not remember what store I got it from. I paired it with a pink straight skirt and mixed in brown accessories.

The bag is one of the old bags from the bag archive...:)

My print ear-rings were purchased at a local boutique called Dots

Rosebud sandals are Colin Stuart from Victoriassecret.

Now, I'm off to class. See you soon.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Grey and Turquoise..

Hi beautiful readers, this is what I wore to school today. The weather was bright and sunny but I felt like wearing this grey dress and the reason I made this decision is because I have not worn the dress in a while. Do you sometimes dig in your closets to fish out outfits you have not worn in a long time? Like I said before on my blog, I really love dresses and skirts for Summer and now that the Summer weather is gradually coming to an end, I have to do a "Closet-Do" (Do-over or Make-over) We usually have very cold and snowy winter here in Minnesota so, jeans and pants are a must in the winter time.

I am wearing this grey plaid Merona dress from Target and I really like it because of its color and style. It is in between dressy and casual.

I decided to mix in turquoise color accessories to add some pop of color to the grey dress

A wide smile is the best accessory ever for any look..I bought this turquoise bag over three years ago for just $40! It is in such a great color and design and actually looks more expensive than it is. I have gotten so much compliments from it.

I got the necklace, earings and ring from a store in the neighborhood called "Treasures" (I think?) And my DIY bracelet I converted from a necklace I purchased from Target stores is very old too. I like the pop of color it gives to any outfit and I have used it on casual and formal attires alike...:)

My "Nine West" heels are pretty old too and I call them my "Mary-Poppins" shoes. They remind me so much of that movie.

Well, that's my outfit..inexpensive, simple, casual and colorful I think?

I wish you all a nice weekend. It will be nice to get some thoughts on how you spend your weekends. I spend mine with family most of the time because we are all so busy during the week and hardly have time to connect.

See you soon. Enjoy your weekend...


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

White Eye-let dress...

Hi beautiful friends and fellow bloggers, this is the outfit I wore to church last Sunday; a simple white eye-let dress I purchased at Tjmaxx. It's a wrap design which attracted me to the dress when I saw it on the rack for the first time. wrap dresses are very chic and forgiving at the same time hence suitable for all body types.

I pondered a little on the choice of color accessories while I was getting ready. I thought of dark grey or silver accessories then red or turquoise. I even tried animal print but finally decided to use green. The reason that made me settle on green was because I had not used these accessories in a long time especially my green wild diva shoes. They are quite old now cos I have had them for years but I just do not like the four inch heels; not high enough for me...:) I don't even know what I was thinking when I purchased them. Also, If you have read other posts on this blog, you will know by now that I am not a fan of pointed toe shoes although I own quite a few. They are usually very uncomfortable for me and my toes get squishy at the end of the day..:) I always joke that I have huge toes and I am very sure this is true...**smiling.**

Tjmaxx eye-let dress..

Handbag from Aldo

Feather ear-rings and bracelet from a local boutique.

Sun glasses from Target stores..strand necklace..old

Have a wonderful week everyone...and thanks for reading. Your thoughts and comments are welcome. If you have a question to ask about my faith or you got something to share with me, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail. I'll do my best to answer your questions. And remember; God loves you!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Purple Multi and Mustard

This is a month of purple love...:) I have quite a few purple outfits in my closet and wore a couple of them recently. It was one of my friend's wedding a couple of weeks ago and purple and silver were her colors and she had requested that friends and family dress up in purple color outfits to her shower and wedding. It ended up being nice but a little too much or overdone. This is because purple is such a deep hue and should be used with caution when decorating or styling. I was not her wedding planner and did not see most of the decor until the D-day. Anyway, the day went perfectly well and bride and groom will live happily ever after...:) However, a little caution to the next bride planning on using purple or other strong hue like blue as her wedding color; Be very moderate when using the deeper or stronger wedding color/hue otherwise, the decor would look cheap and tacky.

Now let's talk about my outfit of the day...:) I wore a purple multi color dress I purchased from Tjmaxx a while back and accessorized with my Jessica Simpson purple cut-out heel pumps and a mustard clutch. A chunky necklace and bracelet completed the look because the dress neckline was a bit low. Below are pictures from the special day and yes; I featured my family here....

Yeah, I forgot to mention that I used a slim purple belt to cinch the dress..

I really do not know when this pic was snapped but figured it was one of the times I was running around or probably calling out to friends or family...:) It's not too clear but I like it..

Same mouth position as the above picture here. It seemed to have been the mouth pose of the day...:)

My gorgeous hubby and I...

My hubby is 6ft 3 inc. tall and I am 5ft 6 inc. but my six inches heels gave me the needed boost as always...Yay!!!...:)

Thanks for meeting my family. See you soon...I'm off to church!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Yellow, Purple...and Sparkle!

This is the outfit I wore to church last Sunday; a yellow layered tiered dress I got from Tjmaxx a long time ago. The color is so so bold and the dress so so layered that I felt like taking the drama all the way by layering on as much accessories as I could. I put on the most jewelry I had ever worn ever and my purple Mojo Moxy shoes with gold studs. A lot of drama all the way....

I don't own a lot of yellow color outfits but I must say that yellow outfits add very nice pop of color to any closet. The arms of the dress are a bit open so I am wearing a purple lace trimmed tank-top underneath which is not so obvious from this picture. Probably because I am in the shadows. Note to myself, I need to get a higher quality camera.

My gold color oversized clutch, necklace, bracelet and cocktail ring add some sparkle to this outfit besides there are also gold studs on my purple pumps.

As always, I had a very nice time in church last Sunday. My commitment to God is ever renewed. I know it's so hard sometimes to create time for fellowship with God amidst very busy and hectic schedule; taking care of three kids, a gorgeous husband, school, work and home but my faith is very important to me and I always make things work. I have the bible app on my iphone and whenver I get some time off from work or school, I read scriptures as opposed to browsing social media networks. If I have to blog or browse social networks, then I visit fellow bloggers who talk about their faith and have things to share that can build up my spirit. I also spend time in prayer whenever I am in my car on the long commute to and from work or school. I always pray with my eyes open off course!...:)

Have a nice weekend everyone and do not fail to spend time with God and family this weekend. See you soon. **Kisses**

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