Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Easter Outfit

Hi everyone, I know this post is kind of late because Easter is way over but I've been super busy. I'm glad I was able to upload my pictures this evening and also do this blog post. This blazer was thrifted over two years ago and it is one of my favorite blazers although I do not get to wear it as much as I would love to. I wanted to do a splash of color for Easter and decided it would be very appropriate for the fun, festive holiday; the celebration of the death and resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ. It is also adapted from my Polyvore styling from this Blog Post here. I paired it with this black skinnies I purchased at Target because the weather was very nice and sunny. My animal prints scarf is also from Target and I love the bold prints a lot. I thought it was leopard prints at first until my five year old daughter told me it is cheetah prints..:-). It had some long fringes at the hem when I bought it and I just trimmed them off with a scissors because I found them quite annoying. Now, I'm looking out for another nice bold animal prints scarf like this one. Prints in whatever form adds so much interest to an outfit. I know pointed toe shoes are trending but I'm not too comfortable wearing pointed toe shoes for long hours so, I donned my round toe platforms..:D

We are extending the Easter celebration and are planning something special for the kids next Sunday in church. I do not know what I would be wearing yet but I do know it would be comfortable and maybe colorful?


The picture below was taken in church and I had no Idea about it until after the service when I was shown the pic..:-).

Pants and Scarf: Target
Bag: Aldo
Jacket: Thrifted
Shoes: Victorassecret
White tee: Hanes
Sun glasses: gifted

                                                     Thanks so much for stopping by.

                                                                  Beauty Ojo
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