Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Shirt-dress...

I aaaammm backkkkk!!!...:) **smiling** Yes, this post is about another shirt dress. Don't I just love them!..:) I do not have words to express how much I love dresses in general. I am a real "girlie-girl" to the heart. I just suddenly realized that I have not done any styling outfit on pants yet. I do wear pants a lot...usually more in the winter time. But during the summer, I just like to put on skirts and dresses. You know, something about dressing for the right occasion, weather, place...etc...haha haha...** laughing.**

This tan color shirt dress is from Talbots. It is made from stretch cotton fabric and really really comfortable.

My color block hand bag is from Jessica Simpson and my shoes are from Newportnews. (Really old, like seven years ago..)

My belt, necklace and bangles are random or maybe from Target stores? I don't really remember...

It's nice how my shoes kind of match with the bag even though they are from different stores and were purchased at different times...:)

This is just a simple shirt dress but I think the accessories made it look a little edgy..

My scowling face....

My smiling face...

I hope you enjoyed this styling post..

See You soon. Have a great weekend everyone. Remember God loves you dearly!! **Kisses**


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My dressy tank-top

This post is about one of my latest buys; a lime color knit top I talked about in a previous post. I have always wanted a dressy top I could wear to events like family picnics and barbecues in the Summer time and when I saw this pretty tank top with fun ruffles on Metrostyle's website, I knew right away it was the top I wanted. It was on clearance too and even with shipping and handling, it still came under twenty dollars.

Now my top is here and the next thing is styling it. I created two collages on my deck of two ways I can wear the top and here are some pictures.

Here, I paired the top with a black A-line skirt skirt and a cute little stone studded clutch. My intention is to wear some really cute black high heeled shoes with it and I knew it had to be something a little glossy. So, I laid out some of my black patent heels on the collage. Since, it was a tough choice deciding what shoe is the most appropriate, I left the collage just the way it is. The day I am ready to wear my top, I'll make the shoe decision.

The collage below looks a lot like the one above except for the fact that I switched the black A-line skirt for a denim skirt which I designed myself. I got the denim fabric at the fabric store, sketched the design of the skirt which is a straight skirt with ruffled hem and gave it to my seamstress who made the skirt. You can see how I wore the skirt in a previous post here. I do not know how to sew that much and my sewing machine which I bought over three years ago is still sitting in my storage room in its packaging never opened. However, I do look forward to learning how so, I can make lots of cool stuff for myself and my kids.

Anyway, back to my outfit collage. I accessorized the denim skirt with a silver clutch and some fun silver heels. Again, I do not know which is the best shoes to wear and since they are all the same color, or almost the same shade, I will make my decision at the last minute when it is time to dress up.

My cute lime color knit tank top can also be worn off the shoulders and I think that is really cool..

Although my top came in a nice condition, I am a little bit disappointed at the color because if you look at this same picture of the dress above that was featured on the site, it has more neon tones to it. Or maybe it is the way lightning was utilized during the shoot. Another concern I have is that I also have several outfits in my closet in this same color and though it is one of my best colors, it is starting to give me a cause for concern. Below are some of the pictures I have of previous posts...

I took this pic on a rainy morning on my deck. To see more pictures of this post, check here..

This picture was also taken the same day as the above pic was taken. It was rainy and windy. To see more pics, check out here..

I am going to put a stop to buying any more lime color or chatreuse outfits from now on because I still have a couple of them I have not shown yet on my blog. Thanks for reading my blog and do leave comments if you like..Do you have several outfits of the same color in your closet?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Shirt dress...

Hi beautiful readers..I hope your week is going great. Mine has been pretty awesome. I seem to get a whole lot done these days and I am really excited about that. I am all caught up with house chores, school, work and even blogging....lollllssszzz!!!

As we all know, "the shirt dress" has been on the fashion scene for a while now and it is a style I very much adore. The reason I love the shirt dress is because it is so versatile. It can be worn almost anywhere; class, work, church, shopping...just name it. It never feels out of place. However, the accessories make the difference. The kind of accessories you use with the shirt dress, determines its destination...:)

The coral or red color shirt dress I am wearing in this post is from Banana Republic. It is simple, casual and chic at the same time...:) My destination? "casual day-out." It was a hot, humid day and I felt the light cotton fabric was the most appropriate to wear in order to keep cool.

Coral shirt-dress from Banana Republic.

                                                             Belt from Target stores

                                               Colin Stuart Animal print sling-back heels.

                                            Bag is random; really old..obvious right?...Lol

                                                    Wooden bracelet is from Target stores

Animal print is in season and I think it was a good idea to accessorize with them. Also, they are my favorite prints. I have so many pieces in my closet with different shades and color of leopard prints and I like to mix and match them with other outfits. I'll be doing a lot of prints this summer and if you have been following my blog, you might notice that I have suddenly ditched the floral theme I started with this summer...:) **sigh** well, that is fashion and style for you...) You decide to wear something to an event tomorrow and the next minute, you are going through your closet again for another outfit.

I'll be on my way now. Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I love you but God loves you most. **Kisses.**


Friday, July 13, 2012

Gold Tones Friday..

It's weekend...Yippeeee! I'm so excited because I was able to get a lot of stuff done during the week which includes school work and house chores. I also took some time off to blog which has been some sort of relaxation technique lately. It's been nice connecting with  those awesome blogger(s) who took time out to visit my blog and left comments. Thanks a lot..**smiles**

This post is titled "Gold Tones Friday" for obvious reasons. The brown and tan ensemble has a pop of gold color to tie everything together. Formal, simple and chic...:)

Do not mind my choice of location for this shoot. Something about the dirt road/path leading to the sports park appealed to me. Maybe because, you have to dig deep into dirt/soil to reach for gold and other treasures. You can never find gold and diamonds laying on top of the soil or flying around in outer space..No! No!! You have to get your hands dirty...right?

From the pictures below, you can see that I have a little belly bump which is an evidence of my last adventure at the obgyn room not too long ago. The stiff fabric of the skirt also accentuated or exaggerated it. It is not as bad as it looks though...:) and I am also working on it. Exercise should be a part of everyone's routine.

Dark brown sheer blouse with slit blouson sleeves from tjmaxx. See similar blouse from Victoriassecret here

Khaki Straight skirt from Gap

Ring from Burlington and bracelets are random purchase.

Shoes are from Victoriassecret catalogue.

Crafted gold-tone tote is thrifted

Gold tone and leather chain belt is also thrifted.

 Now, I have to run off to get some more stuff done..:) My weekend always ends with a grand finale which is being in church on Sunday. The worship does not end that day though. It continues all through the week. I make God every part of my plan for each day because without him, I am nothing. He is the giver of life and my everything. Thanks so much for visiting. I love you all but God loves you most...**Kisses!!!**


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simple Work Chic..

Yeah, I have on a new- hair do. It is short and feels really comfortable in this summer heat. I have done so much stuff to my hair in the last few years which includes having dreads for almost four years. I actually used my dreadlocks for my wedding (dressed up really nice, put up in pony tail for the ceremony and let loose for the reception) amidst pleas by some family members to get something more bridal..:) You can see some wedding pictures here... I took it of when I was pregnant with my first child and I am seriously thinking of having it done again. Right now, I just wear wigs and weaves and occasional braids. I kind of like this new look but also miss my long weave...Anyway, enough about my hair. Let's talk about my outfit...:)

I am wearing this simple flared A-line skirt that was custom made for me by my lovely seamstress. I found the fabric at the fabric store and really liked the dark green color and the damask-floral pattern which is not obvious from these pics. I also like that the skirt is flared and I accessorized it with a DIY belt I used to wear with my denim pants but now use with this skirt. I am wearing a cream color sheer blouse I have had for ages..

Cream color sheer blouse is random (old)

Skirt is custom made and chain belt is DIY

Handbag is random..

Black Patent pumps are from Quipid.

Necklace is thrifted...

Ring is from Burlington Coat factory.

Damask Floral pattern on skirt is not so obvious...

Have a wonderful week everyone...the week is almost coming to its end and I am looking forward to it. Always remember to count your blessings. We feel sad and depressed a lot of times because we never pause to count our blessings. All we see are those wonderful things and opportunities that never happened. Well, what about the ones that did?...:) See you again soon. **Kisses!!**


Sunday, July 8, 2012

The little red dress...

Hi beautiful readers..this is what I wore to church today; "a cute little structured sleeves red dress." I thought it was a nice finale to the independence week to put on something red to further the sense of patriotism. I was so excited when I bought this dress for under $20.00 at Burlington Coat factory. It was missing the original belt that came with it and might be the reason it ended up on the clearance rack. I liked the shade of red and the structure of the dress and not daunted by the missing belt, I snatched up the good deal...:) I went ahead and got my own belt for the dress, added some other accessories and vio la!!...:)

Dress: Burlington Coat factory
Handbag: Jessica Simpson
Black patent pumps: Quipid
Necklace and bracelet: Gifted
Belt: Target Stores
Ring: Random

I wish everyone a lovely week. Thanks for visiting my blog and leave comments and questions if you want. Remember the world is a better place with love but the greatest love of all is the gift of resurrection of his son that God gave to us. We only need to believe...:) **kisses**

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