Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lime top

Hi beautiful people of Blogs Ville, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is ready for the new week...:) My weekend went by very fast and I didn't really do much besides the usual house chores and studying. As I got ready for church today, I was a little confused on what to wear. I had laid out two outfits the night before but did not really feel like putting any of them on. The weather was very beautiful and not cold or rainy so, it could not help me make up my mind...:) If you live any where around here you will agree that the weather can dictate how you dress sometimes.

Anyway, I ended up tossing these two outfits aside and picked out this outfit in the pics below. What helped to make up my mind was the fact that I had purchased this top a long time ago and had not worn it before now. You can check out the outfit collage I made of this top here

First of all, I apologise for the quality of the pictures...:) I take most of the pictures on my blog myself using the self timer on my camera and a tripod stand and I do not understand most of the settings on my canon camera yet...

 Now, back to my outfit!..**Smiles** Like I said, I finally wore this outfit I laid out on my deck in a collage months ago; the lime top I purchased from Metrostyle and this A-line skirt I have had for a while now. I still got my new look and had to play it up with this bold hoop ear-rings and chunky necklace. When you have such low hair cut, it is always wise to use bold jewelry in the face area like the ears and neck.

If you notice, I changed the purse I laid out on the deck collage and used this Daniela Moda lime and black purse in my clutch collection..:)

The black satin pumps are Colin Stuart from Victoriassecret online

My jewelry is from Palmbeach

So, this is what I wore to church today! As usual, a simple and chic outfit; very much my style..**Smiles** I wish you all a wonderful week ahead. Have fun in whatever you do and do not forget to spend some time in communion with God during the week. Worship and prayers are not restricted to Sundays alone. **Kisses!!**

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