Friday, March 17, 2023

Shoe Lovin': Steve Madden green color sole boots


       Green sole colored boots have been trending for a couple of seasons now and the first green sole colored boots that broke out in the fashion scene in my opinion is; the luxury Bottega veneta boots. The green pop of color on this boot is very edgy and chic and leads to creation of very fun Fall and Winter outfits when styled. There are more colors now that have been released by the same brand. The steep price of this boots however does not justify the cost per wear for the average fashionista lady.

Green color Outfit: Style Inspiration


       Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you looking for some trendy way to style your greens this weekend? Here is some style inspiration for you. The first outfit which features a knit sweater and cargo pants is a casual style you can wear on a Friday like today. The green sweater is a pop of color in an otherwise neutral outfit. You can add more green color if you choose by switching out the shoes for a colorful chunky sole boots like this one here.

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