Saturday, February 9, 2013

Samsung Chic!

Samsung Chic!

$7,515 -

Heel boots

Lulu townsend

 So I just recently registered on Polyvore and it has really been exciting putting all these fun looks together. Also, I entered for some contests more for the creativity and challenge aspect than for the gain and this Samsung Galaxy creation outfit was one of them. I just wanted to share this with everyone and if you are interested in entering for the contest, you can register and log on to The contest I believe ends in 9 days from today.

Color Theory with Meredith Wendell

Color Theory with Meredith Wendell

Day birger et mikkelsen

Stylist Pick high heels
$16 -

Meredith Wendell zipper bag

Meredith wendell

Kate spade

Meredith wendell

$215 -

    I spent some time browsing the Polyvore website a couple of days ago and came upon this contest which entails styling the Meredith accessories; the blue bracelet, necklace and the brown bag. Thousands of beautiful entries were submitted and I went ahead to make a styling board too; not so much in anticipation of winning the prize but mostly for the satisfaction and fun derived from styling fashion pieces.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and do enjoy the rest of the day and also remember to give thanks to God in all things.

                                                                    Beauty Ojo

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