Friday, July 31, 2015

Stripes and white

Happy Friday friends; I hope the weather is great wherever you are. My summer is going great so far. I went on a playdate with my friends today to a park that has a splash pad for the kids to play and splash around in and it was so much fun. I threw on this ensemble last minute cos I did not have enough time to sort my laundry. My initial plan was to put on a pair of denim bermuda shorts but my shorts was MIA and after scrambling through a pile of laundry I opted for this white capris. White clothing might not be the best when there is a combination of kids and water parks but hey! it's summer...:-).

As always, I keep a pair of flats in the car and today, I switched into a pair of flip-flops when I got to the water park. I never really liked Birkenstocks but I'm starting to change my mind about it; It's a very cute alternative to wearing flip-flops. I'm loving this animal print option here. I shared a couple of pics from the outing on my instagram and my handle is; @beautyojo.

                                                                     Tank: Victorias Secret
                                                                     Cropped Pant: Macys
                                                                     Shoes: V. S. Shoes
                                                                     Bag: Old
                                                                     Glasses: Loft
                                                                     Necklace: J. Crew

I have an event to attend tomorrow; a friend of mine is organizing a party for friends and I haven't even picked an outfit yet. How come ladies have closets full of clothes and yet face the dilemma of picking an outfit to wear to an event? I'm still trying to figure that out but I also know that having a larger closet where my clothes can be all organized and laid out would help out a lot. What are your tricks to getting ready for events?

Thanks so much for stopping by

Beauty Ojo
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