Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Summer Essentials: A dress, sunglasses, sandals and a straw bag

We all have definitely laid out our summer wardrobe by now because we are in mid summer but if you are still in limbo; just know that a dress, a pair of sandals and a handbag which would be a straw bag this year, is really all you need in the summer month. The dress can be in any print or color you want but it has to be made of summer friendly fabric like cotton and linen. Last summer, gingham and stripe dresses were trending and this summer, it is the ruffle dress. If you want a classic summer dress that never goes out of style, think denim or chambray dresses. A dark shade (color) denim dress would never go out of style in the summer and with the right accessories, you can just about wear it anywhere; work, school, party. For this look here, I accessorized my denim dress with a straw bag and gingham tie-string flats and sunglasses. For shopping info. about similar pieces, click on the links below.

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