Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's my Birthday!!!

Jacket: Thrifted
Hanes tee: Target
Ankle Pants: Michael Kors via T. J. Maxx
Purse: Aldo
Pumps: Zigisoho via DSW

Yay!! It's my birthday!!! I'm so thankful and grateful to God for yet another year added unto my life. I thank Family and dear friends who have always been there for me and I appreciate my blog and all the friends I have made through blogging more than ever. This is the one place where I have been rambling about my passion for my faith, my family and fashion. I am growing everyday and becoming a better and more fulfilled person and I know that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Thanks so much for your visit, comments and support to this blog.
Beauty Ojo

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another sheer top...

Sheer top & Clutch: T. J. Maxx
Pants: Target (old)
Shoes: Colin Stuart via Victoriassecret
Bracelets: Neighborhood boutique



It was such a cloudy day today with sprinkles of rain on and off but the temp was in the forties so, it was not too bad. I just got done with my chores and remembered that I had to blog before going to bed. So, this is birthday/summer outfit count down to "one." Yeah, you guessed right. The count down ends at zero tomorrow which happens to be my birthday! I'm beyond excited.

We don't have anything planned and I know there is not going to be any surprise party for me. After successfully ruining a couple of surprise parties over the years, my friends and hubby have given up on that. The last surprise party I had was on my birthday a couple of years ago in my final year of college. I had a major paper and presentation to give on the day after my birthday and not having any knowledge of the huge academic workload, my hubby and friends planned a surprise birthday party for me. I rushed home from work with the intention of doing some last minute revisions on my paper/presentation only to be greeted by excited friends and family and a grooving party. I was surprised alright but I could not concentrate on having fun at the party and everyone saw and got to know how distressed I was. The presentation was not too bad at the end of the day but I always knew I would have done better if I just did some extra work the day before...:)

So, it is Halloween tomorrow and it is also my birthday. The only thing I'm sure about is that hubby has a big bag of candy ready for the kids when they come knocking on the door. We usually do not dress up our kids for Halloween or allow them to go trick-a-treating but their friends and other kids who show up at the house do get some treats.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comments. I would stop over at your blog soon to find out what is cooking...:) Now, I got to go to bed...

                                                                  Beauty Ojo

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I could not help laughing at myself last night when I got done with uploading my posting and discovered that I had made a big error. Instead of counting down to my birthday, I have actually been counting up! Can you believe that? "I must be getting really old very fast that I do not remember how to count down anymore;" I told myself. I was counting from one upwards and a count down goes from the large number down. duh!....:) I had to go back to make corrections on my previous postings.

So, this is day two/count down to my birthday outfit; one of the outfits I wore this past summer on a very hot day; a sheer blouse over a pair of ankle pants. I do not remember where I was going which makes me more scared...:) Anyway, at least I remember and know that I'm still in my thirties and that's less scary...:)

Sheer blouse: T. J. Maxx
Pants: Loft
Shoes: Nine West
Purse: Aldo
Bracelets: Neighborhood boutique

Thanks so much for stopping by and do have a lovely week. Remember to continue to have an attitude of gratitude in life and make God the focus of your attention.


                                                              Beauty Ojo

Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting Closer..

It's day three of the Summer outfits/birthday count-down and though I'm so tired and sleepy right now, I did not want to miss my posting and just had to do it before going to bed. The outfit in this picture was worn at the close of the summer; sometime last month when I just got my low heeled leopard prints pump I blogged about here. I wore a simple sleeveless brown dress I purchased from Target last summer underneath a beige jacket and my new prints shoes completed the look. The pictures are not so clear but I decided to post them anyways.

Dress: Target
Jacket: Old Navy
Shoes: J. Crew
Bag: Kenneth Cole
Sun glasses: Target (a big yawn). Now, I got to go to bed to get my beauty sleep. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and have a great week.

                                                                                              Beauty Ojo

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Loving the prints..

White Hanes tee: Target
Animal Prints Skirt: Victoriassecret
Shoes: Victoriassecret
Bag: Aldo
Bracelet: Neighborhood store

Four more days before my birthday and this is day four! count down outfit. My love for Animal Prints is ongoing and I do not know when it's going to stop...:) I got this Victoriassecret skirt over the summer which I blogged about in this previous post. What I like most about the skirt is that the animal prints is not so over powering and as such it can be worn to almost  any place. Throwing a neutral color blazer over it can make it appropriate for casual Fridays in a work environment that is not so formal and a simple change in top and accessories is what this skirt really needs to go to any place. In this case, I just threw a white tee over it because I went to a casual event; a friend's get-together party at her place.

Initially I thought of throwing in some red accessories like putting on a pair of red pumps then I thought that was really cliché and decided to go with black pumps and purse. The black prints bracelet also got thrown in to highlight the other black accessories.


 Now that I scored this skirt, I am thinking of moving on to another print skirt I recently found on polyvore that I blogged about in this post here. The River Island Animal prints skirt has very fine details that makes it unique and though the prints are very bold, it is actually a color block design. The back view is all black and the prints is only an insert at the front. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed on it because I have never shopped at River Island before. Has anyone ever shopped at River Island? Any thoughts...
Comparison Pics
Victoriassecret                                                   Riverisland


Thanks so much for stopping by...
Beauty Ojo

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gingham on Gingham

Gingham Shirt: Dress barn
Red Pants: Express
Black Tote: Kenneth Cole via T. J. Maxx
Gingham heels: Colin Stuart via

So, this is Day Five! count down to birthday post. I got this gingham shirt from Dress barn a long time ago but only get to wear it whenever I'm expecting. This is because the shirt is two sizes up and a little loose. I couldn't find my right size at the store at the time but the shirt was on sale and I decided to go home with it. I thought the gingham prints looked so pretty then and it was the only gingham print I owned until I added this pair of gingham sandals I purchased from Victoria's secret.

I was having a bad hair day the day these pics were taken and actually had a lot of days like that over the summer. My natural hair right now is still at the initial stage of dreads and my wig is worn out already...:) I'm thinking of doing an "Unveiling" post on my birthday which comes up in a few days but I'm still trying to decide what to do exactly. Do I reveal my natural hair or reveal my face without any make-up? Talking of make-up, I do not really wear much of it and only just recently took it up a notch as a result of blogging. My make-up products/routine now includes foundation which I only use sparingly to cover up blemishes, lipstick, eyebrow pencils and eye-shadow and mascara sometimes.  It is great to pay attention to our outside appearance in order not to look shabby and untidy but like I always say; the greatest make-up or makeover ever is the building up of the "inner man." Our spirituality and personality matters more than anything else in this world. People would always get drawn to us when they know that we have an excellent or attractive spirit/personality and not really because we wear all the expensive labels that are out there.

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments and thoughts on pictures or messages that you read. I enjoy meeting new bloggers and always return visits in the shortest time.

Beauty Ojo

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pinky Pink

It is exactly six days to my birthday and I got an early birthday present; I stumbled upon a flash drive I lost some weeks ago. I had so many pictures saved in them and it hurt a bit when I could not find it earlier. My only consolation was that the pictures were not of great quality anyway so it was no big deal. However, The real fact is that all pictures are loaded with memories which cannot be replaced or recaptured and I prayed and hoped that I would find the flash drive someday. I kept looking in corners and crevices whenever I cleaned around the house and I never really stopped looking. Well, I did find it a few days ago; it dropped right out of a book when I was looking through the drawers in my bedside night table.

These particular pictures were taken during my first trimester and I just started showing. It was a rainy and cloudy day and I was on my way to the hair salon to get my hair washed. I was putting on a pink top underneath a black blazer over a pair of pants made from African fabric. I remember feeling very girly because it was a huge dose of pink. Come to think of it, pink is a color that is trending this fall.

Now that I found my pictures, I'm going to put them in blog posts for each day of my birthday "count down." So, this is day six! Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great weekend.

Black Blazer: Old
Pink blouse: Neighborhood boutique
Clutch: Kenneth Cole via T. J. Maxx
Shoes: Guess (old)

The lesson to be learned is to keep on seeking and never to give up when following your dreams and most importantly, to always seek God each day in all our pursuits. Do you know that there are so many verses in the bible that talk about seeking? One of my favorite verses is;

Matthew 7:7
7"Ask,"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8"For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

                                                                    Beauty Ojo

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Search Over...

Yeah, the search is finally over; I got my low heeled Leopard print pumps for the season. After shopping around, I found this pair at my local J. Crew store. It was on clearance and so last season compared to the recent calf skin pumps which retails for about $300. This pair is patent with wooden heels and I love that it is not totally flat soled and also not too high. At 3 inches high, it is definitely what I need this fall and winter with the delivery of the baby approaching very fast as each day goes by. I love Animal Prints and do not think I can ever have too much of it in my closet. Plus, it is one of the few trends I am willing to embrace this season.

                              Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.

                                                                         Beauty Ojo

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Prints on the Go..

Blouse: Neighborhood Boutique
Navy Green Pants: Old
Bag: Aldo (old)
Nutbuck heels: DSW
Necklace: Fashion Bug

These pictures were taken sometime this past summer and I completely forgot about them probably because they are not of the best quality. I stumbled upon them while looking through my folders and since this is a personal style blog/diary, I decided to post them. I'm looking forward to getting a better camera this Christmas or during the black Friday sales. And talking of black Friday, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I have a lot to be thankful to God for this year. Also, my birthday is right around the corner; 7 more days to be exact. Now, let the count down begin!...:) I have been spending a lot of time with my Logos App lately and it has really been fulfilling.

                                       Thanks so much for reading and stay blessed.

                                                                     Beauty Ojo

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Chill is here...

Black Tee: Victoriassecret
Blazer: Old
Skirt and Wedges: Victoriassecret

We had the first snow flurries for the season on Saturday. It was a snow/rain mix in the twin cities and though there was no accumulation save for some areas up north, the system ushered in the chilly weather. I spent some parts of the weekend rearranging my closet just to make sure my jackets and gloves were within reach. However, I am not ready to go into the full fall wardrobe yet. We do have very long winters in Minnesota and most people including myself try as much as they can not to embrace the Fall or Winter weather whole heartily. We put up a fight until it becomes absolutely difficult to ignore the freeze. This was the outfit I wore on Saturday to lounge in the house. Some friends came over to visit and we all hung out for a while hubby did some work in the garage. You can still see traces of grease on the ground.

I hope you all are having a great week so far. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the sweet comments.

                                                                       Beauty Ojo
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