Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One of those days...

Yeah, this is one of those days when I didn't feel like dressing up or looking glam; I threw on whatever was within reach in the closet and just went about my day. I was tempted to archive the pictures but as usual decided to post them. After all, this blog is a documentation of my style makeover which I do not mind sharing publicly...:)

I remember the first time my mum showed us her pictures when she was a young lady in the sixties and how hilarious it was to see her in the Fashion trends of that time; the big wigs, mini dresses and skirts, maxis and clogs. This makes me wonder what my own experience will be when the time comes. Are my kids going to giggle and get excited when they see my blog pictures years later or are they just going to wave them aside? I always get this awesome feeling myself whenever I remember that my blog is my authobiography. Whatever I document on here would be preserved in history for my future generation...I think?...:) So long as blogger does not crash or go out of technology.

Top and scarf: Target
Pants: Jeanology(old)
Boots: Victoriassecret
Tote: Kenneth Kole Reaction via Tj Maxx

Right now, my kids just ask a lot of questions; "Mum, why do you keep taking pictures?" "Mum, why do you keep loading your pictures on the computer?" I have explained the blogging thing to them but it seems like they are not too concerned right now.

Well, March is just around the corner and Spring is definitely closer than ever. Now, I'm just looking forward to Spring trends.

                      Thanks so much for reading and do have a wonderful weekend. **Kisses!**

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