Monday, August 19, 2013

Shoes In..

Hi everyone, it's Animal prints season again; The prints are in the shoes this fall and they come in super trendy styles and heels. I told myself a while ago that I was going to stop  buying anything prints because it seemed like prints was beginning to take over my closet just like black and grey did a while back but oh my!! sometimes you just can't resist!!...:) The collage below represents my  old animal prints shoe collection and when prints appeared again this season, I decided to add some more prints in my shoe closet and I blogged about the shoes above in this post.

Well, I took advantage of the Victoria's secret shoe sale and got the pairs below. The sandals were purchased to make my summer wardrobe a little bit more interesting and the booties are supposed to add some edge to the fall and winter wardrobe. Below are pictures of my recent haul in my colorful home which needs some interior therapy ASAP..:)

My black/prints booties on display in my room..

My beige/prints booties on display in my son's room..

My black/white print sandals on display in my girls' room...

My leopard prints sandals on display in a corner in my room..
However, I am still seeking for animal prints flats which would make my "print shoes" collection complete...:) A little bit of online surfing turned out the fabulous pairs below but since the prices are on the steep side, the surfing and stalking continues...:) I'm also brainstorming on what design and colors I would use to spice up my home for the new year. Interior decorating is another hobby of mine and I'm thinking of posting more pictures of little projects that I carry out in my home now and then. Thanks so much for stopping by and do let me know of other great pairs of animal prints flats or less than four inch heels that are out there and won't break the bank...:)
J-Crew calf print shoes

Victoriassecret Animal print flats

                                                                           Beauty Ojo
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