Monday, February 24, 2014

Against a block of Ice

Hi all, I hope we are all having a wonderful week so far. Yeah, this is me leaning against a block of ice or a block of snow whatever you want to call it;  and this is what I wore to church last Sunday. I wore an emerald green suede jacket over a pair of tailored pants and white tee and completed the look with a pair of light green nine west heels. The outfit was all about the green jacket because it was a huge splash of color. I spent some time trying to see if the look was better off with a pair of black pointed toe pumps before I finally decided on the green heels.


These pictures were taken after I got back from church and I looked a little tired but I really did have a nice time in church. A lot was said about faith and how important it is to trust God in every situation of our lives. Sometimes, when we encounter some problems in our lives, it really does feel like we have hit a block of ice and that there is no solution to the problem. The right attitude to have at such times is to keep on believing that God can cause a change in that situation according to his will. All we have to do is to keep on believing and hold unto our faith. Eventually, the block of ice would melt and turn into water and it would flow away and we would stand on solid ground!

                                                   Green Jacket: Old
                                                                White tee: Hanes
                                                                 Pants: Isaac Mizrahi (Target)
                                                                 Shoes: Nine West
                                                                 Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

 Spring is almost here. Let's continue to love God and also continue to bring on the color splashes! Thanks so much for visiting.
Beauty Ojo


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