Friday, April 5, 2019

Camel Coat + Brown Accessories

It is my blog's seven years anniversary and I'm really thankful to God and grateful for my readers and everyone who stops by here. I have thought of quitting so many times but realized that is even harder to quit than it is to run this blog. I have taken blog breaks so many times over the years but found out that the break only stops short of me publishing my posts. I still take pictures and write blog posts while I'm on break; after all, it's somewhat easy; I take all my pictures around my home using a tripod and remote control. So, I found out that, so long as I wear clothes and have internet connection, it'll be hard to really stop writing. Also, I end up publishing all my archived or draft posts when I'm done with my break; haha! 😊 Again, happy blog anniversary to me!

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