Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Pant Suit: Closet essential

The Pant suit has become an "essential" in a trendy lady's closet; dressed up or down, it is one outfit that is very versatile. When you own a two-piece pantsuit, you can wear it as it is to work, to meetings, to church, brunch, seminars and even weddings to mention a few. You can also break down the two piece by pairing the blazer with other clothing items in your closet. A blazer can be layered over a dress to wear to pretty much any event or it can be paired with a white button down and a pair of denim for a classy casual look. The pants in the two piece can also be paired with a lot of items in your closet and this versatility in dressing makes the pant suit a needed clothing essential. Another reason is just the classy and "boss look" of the pant suit and this is why the pink pant suit was chosen as the theme look for today's post.

                                                                        The Pink Pant Suit

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