Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Puffer Coat + Zebra prints Scarf

While we are still on the animal prints trend, I'm definitely here for it. I have somehow found a way to incorporate the prints into every outfit I wear this season. This outfit that features a puffer coat and black denim pants got the zebra prints treatment in this large zebra prints scarf which is actually a DIY piece. I went to the fabric store years ago when I was decorating my home and cut several yards of different animal prints faux fur fabric which I used as cushion throws, and throws for my closet chair. All the faux fur fabrics are in stored in my closet now because I have since changed out the d├ęcor in my home. So, I repurposed this zebra prints throw into a neck scarf here on a very cold day. I completed the look with a clear tote blogged about here and I tell you, I was very warm and comfy.

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