Thursday, August 27, 2015

Chevron Prints and White Pumps

Did I hear someone say color and stripes??? Yeah, that is what is going on here in my neck of the woods. I got this dress from Target about two summers ago and now that the shopping ban is still on over here, it's time to start throwing on all those pieces that were forgotten in all corners of the closet. I loved this dress when I saw it on the rack because of the chevron stripes and its beautiful color but I did not really like the fact that it is sleeveless and short. I knew I could always wear a jacket or cardigan over it to cover my huge arms so I got it anyway but just abandoned it in the closet...:-).

Fast forward to "now" and this little dress and I just discovered ourselves again...:-). I am confident enough now to embrace all my curves and flaws so the huge arms do not matter anymore and as for the short length, I just wore a pair of navy shorts underneath like I always do when I am wearing a very short dress. It's all about the white pumps these days so, I accessorized the dress with this pair from and my navy blue bucket bag. This white pumps was purchased when I realized that the other pair I blogged about here is a little dated. I'll still wear the cap toed ones now and then though. It all makes for an interesting shoe collection.

Dress: Target (old)
Bucket bag: Ann Taylor (sold out) Similar

Where would I go in an outfit like this? 'visit friends and family and to take the kids out, I would just switch out the heels for a white pair of flats. I'll keep digging in the closets in order to recover all the lost and forgotten treasures. Did you recently buy a pair of white heels? 'or white heels are just not your thing?

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