Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blue, White and...Wine!!

Still in the spirit of "Independence," I will share with you what I wore to school this morning. Yeah, I take classes on Saturdays and my summer is not all fun because I have to spend part of my time studying but it's all good!**smiles**

Now back to my outfit, what I wore today is what I originally planned to wear on independence day; July 4th before I switched it to the white dress.  I did some styling modification and changed my blouse and shoes from red to wine. Do you know now why I said the outfit was going to be "cheesy?" Can you imagine this outfit as blue, white (necklace) and red instead of the blue, white and wine I wore here? Maybe it would not have been so cheesy after all...I'll save it for next year...:)"Yea!!!" to being patriotic!

Wine blouse and computer tote from TJ Maxx stores..

My bracelet is from Target Stores

My skirt is custom made; I got the fabric from the fabric store and my seamstress made it.

I usually like my skirts flared but would wear pencil skirts once in a while...

Earrings and Necklace were thrifted...

I wore this skirt in a previous post.

My wine color front-knot Guess heels are really old. I purchased them from Designer Shoe Wearhouse DSW a long time ago.

I hope you all are having a nice time and thanks for visiting my blog. Like I would always say, "I'll like to share my faith with you." Have a wonderful weekend and take a minute to give God praise for his goodness. We should always count every blessings...:)

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