Monday, July 9, 2018

Black Shirt + Pink Paper-bag Pants

This outfit is what I wore a while back; black linen button down shirt with ruffles around the neck and wrists tucked into this fuchsia color, high waisted, paper bag wide-legged pants (Wow! what a mouth full ) and a black pair of block heel sandals; very simple outfit. These block heel sandals were the rave two summers ago and you can find them at any price point; very stylish and comfortable. The pair I am wearing is from Steve Madden. Black is a color that is usually not common in the summer because of the heat but if you must wear black pieces, make sure you are wearing breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. They keep you cool and comfortable in the heat and that is why I love this paper bag pants and shirt because they are made from linen and cotton respectively. The sun rays was very brutal when I shot these pics though as I forgot to wear my sunglasses. You can actually see me squinting from some of the pictures. I hope you are keeping cool wherever you are...😃

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