Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The First Lady's look...

Hi beauties, I never intended to ever talk about politics or anything related to it on my blog but as I watched the last Presidential debate, my thinking had a "make-over."...lolssszzz!! I am sure the fashion I saw was just too fabulous to ignore that I just had to comment on it. My best moment was when the debate ended and all the family members present got on the stage to hug and shake hands. As I looked at the screen, I saw beautiful dresses donned by all the ladies present; the Romney ladies looked very fabulous in their dresses and high heeled shoes but I apologize I do not have any pictures to show of that particular scene. Now let's get to the main lady's look. And as always, I am just going to comment on the outfits without making references to the designers or particular events/occasion. This is not a commercial blog and is not for promotions or political campaigns so, we'll just stick strictly to my rules...:)

This grey/black dress worn by Michelle Obama was actually stunning and I loved it. It was a very fabulous choice for the occasion especially for the fact that it had sleeves. We all know that the first lady is famous for her sleeveless outfits which show off her gorgeous arms. I for one am not so much a fan of sleeveless dresses all the time and I usually prefer cap sleeves if I feel the need to go sleeveless. However, we all have different tastes and sleeveless dresses on the first lady are just fine. By the way, do you know that the first lady was wearing this gorgeous dress a second time as seen in the pics above? "Yay!!" to being green!!

By the way, both ladies looked so beautiful and radiant and they looked even  more exquisite with their cool accessories; their better halfs...:)

I loved how simple their jewelry were; very much in my alley. To learn more about their outfits, check out an article in New York Magazine here.

The picture above shows Michelle in the grey/black dress the first time she wore it. She kept it very simple and classy.

The second time which was the last debate night, she wore the dress again and pumped it up by using a beautiful black bow sash on her waist and a fun brooch on the neckline. Below are pictures of some of my favorite looks of the Fashionista First Lady.

This look is so so gorgeous and the statement necklace indeed makes a statement!


I like the way she used a jacket to achieve a different look in the above pictures.

This white dress is very classy and if you can see the sneak peek of her shoe, she added a pop of color with a cool shade of green.

Flawless...the fit and color scheme is so unique.

Flaw..flaw..flawless! The colors work so well together and the print shoes and gold belt tie the whole look.

This is a very edgy look..I was actually surprised to see this pic...:)

The casual ensemble of the first and second ladies are very chic but I love Michelle's look the most. The cropped pants look great and the cobalt blue color is just awesome!

Which of the looks above do you like best? I am going to reveal mine...

And the winner is **drum-roll pleasessszzz!!**  This is my best look of the first lady ever and I am really inspired by it.

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                                                                   Have a wonderful week.
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