Sunday, April 8, 2012

Green Gig!!

It's Sunday, April 8th and it's Easter!! Christ is risen!! Amen. I just love Easter holiday...:) I decided to put on green color outfit to church today because of the power of the color Green. Green symbolises life, abundance, wealth and Power. The Weather was a lit bit mild (not too cold or too hot) so, it played a role when I was putting my outfit together. I have on this beautiful green print georgette (did I spell that right? ) dress that is flared out at the waist and a black jacket with quarter sleeves and as usual, very minimal jewelry. My green MR. KT shoes topped off the outfit. I had so much fun at church and all through the entire day that I decided to call this post; "Green Gig." I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Celebration.

My family and I stopped by to see a Pastor friend of ours after church at his business office. He has a nice driving school hence the big postal you can see behind me in the photo..:)

Trying to enjoy the "Take a deep breath.."

I really love the spiral design on the jacket. It's just a simple jacket with no linning or buttons and very suitable for the weather. Did I tell you that the jacket was thrifted? Yes, it was!...:)

The dress has very tiny sleeves so the jacket was highly needed!...-) Serving dual purpose as a covering and to keep warm from the slightly cold weather.
 Did you notice that I have on green nail polish on my nails? That was just a coincidence..not planned at all. I had on the green nail polish all week. However, I think everything turned out nicely. Not too much green? I

I certainly need more help in the "hair and make-up"

Now, to the gist on how the whole oufit came into being...I got those shoes first at DSW. (Designer Shoe Warehouse) I walked in there one day and walked straight to the clearance racks. I have tons of shoes at home and really was not planning on buying any pair that I just wanted to do some window shopping.

Well, I looked through the racks starting from size 8 and half to 11 (I'm in between sizes 9 and 10) and "traa laa!" There were the cutest pair of green shoes staring at me from one of the racks...:) You know what happened after that!...:)

I got the shoes and did not really have any matching outfit in my clost but kept them anyways. I went thrifting for accessories some time later and discovered the black jacket and the green dress was found in the clearance dept at TJ Max. I always had the green nugget necklace. I purchased it a long time ago but do not really remember what store.  I was surprised at how all the green shades matched perfectly! What do you think lovely ladies?

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