Thursday, October 17, 2013

Who wore it better?

So, I have had this animal print blouse with balloon sleeves in my closet for a while now and the reason I bought the blouse is because it was on sale at Newportnews and also the fabric is 100% silk. The blouse was catalogued as a dress online but when I checked out the length, I knew there was no way I was going to wear such a short dress. I have paired capris and shorts with it in the past and have always kept the look neutral but recently, I decided to make the outfit more interesting by adding a little bit of color to it. I paired it with a lighter color of capris and wore a pair of red shoes instead of the bronze, gold and beige shoes I have used in the past. I think I like the new look better. What do you think?

Now, who do you think wore it better?...:) Thanks so much for stopping by and see you again soon.

Beauty Ojo

PS: The best way to go through life without stress is to have an attitude of gratitude to God at all times.
(Unknown author)

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