Saturday, April 21, 2018

Summer chic bags and how to style them

The clear plastic bag or tote also known as the PVC  bag or the  Lucite bag has been trending since last winter. They are very edgy and chic and can go with any outfit dressed up or dressed down. The handbags have more of a stylish perception than functionality. 'Come to think of it, we own bags so we can store our intimate items and basic necessities like keys, make-up, toiletries and personal knic-knacks in them. When a bag loses this basic function, it stimulates our thinking which is the whole essence of this trend. It is just edgy and chic and no one dare question why you have to have another bag within a bag! haha!! 😶

If you are able to afford this bag, you should be able to afford a beautiful little clutch or wallet to store your things in that you can then put in the bag 😅 Just sincerely here, (Moi...*eyes rolling*) is just reporting on the latest summer bag trends by the way and please, do not mind my sarcasm. I love the bags a lot and I hope the trend would stick around for a while. I have put some outfits together below to show how I would style these bags if I had one in a different
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