Sunday, March 22, 2015

Giveaway Sneak Peak and ESHAKTI

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Hi friends, it's my three years blog anniversary this month and I feel it is time to host a Giveaway on the blog to celebrate. It has been three fun years of blogging and it has been great getting to know a lot of amazing bloggers in blogsville. I also partnered with one of the leading customized clothing store known as Eshakti and I already have their piece in my closet and this piece is the subject of this Giveaway. The piece I picked from Eshakti to review on the blog is amongst the 13 pieces of clothing shown in this blog post and the reader(s) who is able to guess the piece that I picked would get gift cards towards a purchase at Eshakti. There will be a maximum of two winners (with the right answer) within the 24hours that the Giveaway would be open starting March 27th so watch out. 

This blog post is just a sneak peak of the Giveaway and your response regarding the selected pick would not count at this time but if you want to leave any comments about the pieces featured and what you like about them, you are free to do so. I am thinking I might streamline or edit the pieces to 7 items to make the guess easier for everyone since I only chose one piece. I wish I could have all of them though...:-). Eshakti has so many beautiful and trendy pieces and these here are my favorites but like I said; I had to pick one. So, what do you think; edit the list or not?





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My Pick

This post will be up again on Friday March 27th 

Thanks so much for stopping by

Beauty Ojo
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